What You Should Know about Abortions and Women’s Health

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I hear so many questions about abortions because let’s face it, there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there. If you only listen to the chatter, it’s hard to sort out the actual facts.  And unfortunately, there are many websites that may appear to be educational but are actually providing incorrect, biased, or incomplete information. In this article, I’ll give …

estrogen levels in pregnancy

What Is The Role Of Estrogen During Pregnancy?

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Estrogen is probably the most talked-about hormone in the female health world. It takes the blame for everything from acne to mood swings, but it also has an important job to do, especially during pregnancy. Throughout one pregnancy, a woman can produce more estrogen than she will over the rest of her life. This powerhouse hormone is essential in preparing …

foods not to eat in pregnancy

12 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Until you’ve actually been pregnant, you may not be aware that there are specific foods to avoid during pregnancy or at least minimize. It can feel a bit overwhelming, especially as the first trimester nausea hits and you’re left with the question, “just what the heck can I eat?” I want to assure you that there are far more foods …

magnesium health benefits

Magnesium Benefits: 15 Ways This Mineral Boosts Health

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Magnesium is near the top of the list of crucial nutrients. It is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the human body, and it helps with things like your heartbeat, sleep cycles, muscle contraction, energy production, immune function, hormone balance and so much more. When you dig into the research, the magnesium benefits seem endless. Safe to say that getting …

what causes miscarriage

Common Causes and Signs of Miscarriage

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Miscarriages are common, which is why it is important for women to know the signs of a miscarriage and when to call their provider. In this article, I’m going to go through the possible causes and types of miscarriage, ways to help minimize risk, and lab tests to request from your doctor if you’ve experienced more than one miscarriage.  If …

n-acetylcysteine health benefits

14 Health Benefits of NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

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N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) has a list of health benefits longer than its name! While NAC might not be as well known as other nutrients I’ve discussed, it is definitely one worth getting on your radar.  From detoxification, to brain health, to heart health, to fertility, NAC is a jack of all trades, and it’s a supplement I regularly recommend to my …

The Best Prenatal Vitamins and When to Start Taking Them

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When it comes to preconception care, getting pregnant naturally, and having a health pregnancy, taking the best prenatal vitamins is a must. In general, it is recommended that women begin taking a prenatal well in advance of trying to conceive. They’re also often taken by women who aren’t planning on becoming pregnant because they can help create luscious, shiny hair …

Navigating Autoimmune Disease During Pregnancy

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When my friend Joe Tatta asked me to share with his audience how to navigate autoimmune disease in pregnancy and postpartum, my answer was “of course!” This is a topic that I speak on often and one that I work with daily in my clinical practice. But it is also a topic that is near to my heart. A little …

I’m Not a Mom: How I Prepared For a Loved One’s Birth

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This article is by guest author, Mallory Leone, NC.  Mallory Leone, NC is a nutrition consultant with certifications in holistic nutrition and sports and exercise. She is also trained in motivational interviewing and coaching techniques that change depending on her client’s individual needs. Mallory has been studying under Dr. Jolene Brighten since 2014 in Dr. Brighten’s unique approach to medicine, …