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14 Health Benefits of NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

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N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) has a list of health benefits longer than its name! While NAC might not be as well known as other nutrients I’ve discussed, it is definitely one worth getting on your radar.  From detoxification, to brain health, to heart health, to fertility, NAC is a jack of all trades, and it’s a supplement I regularly recommend to my …

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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The holidays are an awesome opportunity to support those you love! Giving a gift that encourages health is the ultimate gesture that you care.   Here’s a list of some of my favorite healthy holiday gifts to create great health! Hormone Loving Personal Care Balance by Dr. Brighten. I formulated this product for all around great hormone support and to …

Naturopathic Medicine in Oakland, California

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of my new California Natural Medicine practice. I will be practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Oakland’s Grand Lake area beginning in September. My office is located on Grand Avenue in the same space as Awaken Chiropractic, a wonderful group of holistically minded practitioners. The space is beautiful, comfortable and family friendly. A …

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Autism Prevention with Prenatal Vitamins

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A recent study in the July issue of Journal of Epidemiology suggests that taking prenatal vitamins may decrease the risk of autism by approximately 40%. Yes, research is suggesting autism prevention with prenatal vitamins is worth a conversation with your doctor. Related product: Prenatal Plus Autism Prevention with Prenatal Vitamins Mothers of children with autism and autism spectrum disorder were less likely …