Food Cravings During Pregnancy

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Food cravings during pregnancy are not only real, they can also provide insight into what nutrients your body may need. Have you ever found yourself searching the cupboards for a chocolate bar because it would go perfect with cheese? Or perhaps you are thinking a pickle would taste good on top of your ice cream. Chances are, if odd food combinations …

Prenatal Stress and Aging

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When you’re pregnant, your baby depends on you for nourishment and a safe place to grow and thrive. As I often say, the mother is the seed and the soil for her baby. Your nutrition, your immunity, and your gut health become your baby’s nourishment, immunity, and gut health. But how does your prenatal stress levels affect your baby? You …

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Autism Prevention with Prenatal Vitamins

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A recent study in the July issue of Journal of Epidemiology suggests that taking prenatal vitamins may decrease the risk of autism by approximately 40%. Yes, research is suggesting autism prevention with prenatal vitamins is worth a conversation with your doctor. Related product: Prenatal Plus Autism Prevention with Prenatal Vitamins Mothers of children with autism and autism spectrum disorder were less likely …