“Having the resources that Dr. Brighten provides and by beginning her protocol I finally felt ready to get off the pill after over a decade of taking it. I knew my body was supported and wouldn’t backfire into a series of unwelcome side effects. One year later and still going strong. I will never tire of referring friends to Dr. Brighten and her work because I know that every menstruating person can benefit from this information in some way. I only wish I had heard about her when I was a young girl before I ever took the pill. Nobody should be put on the pill without knowing the risks. I could not be more grateful that I eventually found the vital information I needed to finally start healing my body.” Olivia Macklin, Actress

After years of experiencing PMS, anxiety and terrible stomach aches, I finally have relief after only a couple of visits with Dr. Brighten. I am no longer feeling anxious and I can finally spend my weekends out with my friends, instead of home with a stomach ache. ~A.L.

Dr. Brighten helped me relieve the terrible gas and bloating I had following the birth of my second child. She suspected SIBO and it turns out she was right! After years of working with nutritionists and medical doctors I finally had an answer and within one week of starting treatment all of the bloating was resolved. I can now play with my children and no longer have to worry if the food I eat will make me sick. Dr. Brighten gave me back my life and I am so grateful! ~K.R.

If you’ve seen everyone and are still not feeling better, go see Dr. Brighten right now! I’ve never had a doctor more dedicated to helping me heal. ~T.I.

Kind, caring, supportive and smart. What’s not to love! She is my favorite doctor by far! ~T.S.

Working with Dr. Brighten has helped me get my energy back and I’ve been able to lower my thyroid medication. I had been on thyroid hormones for many years and never really felt much better. She gave me a new prescription and helped me resolve a lot of the issues that were causing my hypothyroidism ~J.K.

Wow! Dr. Brighten is a wealth of knowledge! At my first visit she was able to narrow in on what she suspected to be the issue. She listened to my whole story and ordered labs to help us understand what was happening in my body. At our follow up visit she explained to me what was going on and why I was experiencing the symptoms I had. I’ve never had a doctor spend so much time making sure I understood my labs and was comfortable with the treatment they recommend. I really feel like Dr. Brighten wants me to get better and to be able to achieve long lasting health. Thank you Dr. Brighten! ~A.G.

Let me just say that I don’t wake up with terrible period cramps or have 10+ day periods anymore. And the acne is gone. I really wish I’d seen Dr. Brighten sooner. ~J.T.

This doctor listens! This is the first time I’ve had a doctor want me to tell them my entire story. Most doctors I’ve seen just brush me off, but she listened and then told me how it was all connected. Finally! ~S.S.

I was losing hair, anxious all the time and not sleeping. My family barely recognized me and I barely recognized myself. I had always been the ‘calm under pressure’ type, but when I started with Dr. Brighten I could barely drive my car to the store without feeling the panic bubble up.

Dr. Brighten right away identified that my adrenal glands were part of my issue and she did extensive testing—something I begged my other doctor to do. I had adrenal fatigue and no progesterone. I was shocked! No one had ever mentioned my adrenal glands to me.

After the first month of treatment I began to feel better. My hair loss stopped after that first month and within 3 months I saw new hair growth.

I started sleeping better and waking with more energy right away too. She gave me simple changes and instilled the concept of a bedtime routine, which helped me relax and let my mind calm down enough to let me sleep.

Over several months my anxiety lessened until I no longer felt any anxiety from normal day-to-day activities. It feels like I finally am in control of my life and the best part is I did it without any medications, something my other doctor said was impossible. ~S.G.

I’ve seen many naturopaths, but have never had someone explains so much to me. She really wants her patients to get better and to feel they healed themselves. I just love how she talks to me like I’m a friend and doesn’t make me feel bad for not being perfect all the time. ~P.S.

I was really struggling with my mood and energy after the birth of my son. Some days I felt like I couldn’t even get out of bed. My doctors didn’t really listen to me the way Dr. Brighten did. She really wanted to know how I felt and I could tell right away she wanted me to feel better. It only took a handful of tests for her to know exactly what was wrong. It turned out that I had a thyroid autoimmune disease. After working with Dr. Brighten I am now waking up with plenty of energy to get through my day. I am loving being a mom and no longer feel sad and tired because of it. ~R.T.

I thought PMS was normal until I met Dr. Brighten. I had really painful periods and spent about half of the month crying and feeling anxious. I had originally seen Dr. Brighten for stomach problems and it turned out that all of what I was experiencing was related. She got me started on a diet plan right away and within a few months of being treated I was no longer crying for weeks at a time. My stomach got better and my periods are so easy now. ~D.R.

This is how doctors should be with patients! ~L.A.

Dr. Brighten is the best! She is patient, thorough, attentive and genuinely interested in helping me get better. I had tried everything before I met Dr. Brighten. She helped me get my health back and I am forever grateful to her. ~A.M.

I did several rounds of antibiotics for my SIBO without any relief. And my other doctor told me I’d probably have to just keep taking antibiotics. I met with Dr. Brighten and was really impressed how she focused on not only getting rid of the SIBO, but also making sure it didn’t come back. It took about 3 weeks for me to start feeling better, but after 3 months my digestion was the best it had been in years! And the best part is that I don’t have to take the antibiotics and I can eat fruit again! ~S.D.

My adrenals were shot after having a baby! Only, I didn’t know it because no one thought to check. My doctor told me nothing was wrong, which is why I decided to see Dr. Brighten. She figured it out and helped me get back to feeling like me. I am incredibly grateful for her support and for helping me get my energy back. My husband thanks her because I no longer scream or cry on a daily basis. ~A.S.

I saw every hormone doctor there was in the Bay Area. I still had terrible night sweats, anxiety and couldn’t lose weight. Dr. Brighten helped me get my hormones into balance and within months the weight started coming off, I felt stronger and I didn’t even notice that the anxiety had just disappeared. ~J.L.

After years of suffering from Crohn's disease I am finally symptom free. I can’t even believe that I no longer have symptoms and can finally enjoy life without always having to know where the bathroom is. Thanks doc! ~R.R.

Dr. Brighten and her staff have been very helpful. I appreciate that they are very clear in their communication and help me understand what I need to be doing to heal. ~C.E.

I had been on birth control for almost 15 years before I first started seeing Dr. Brighten. My doctor had said I needed it for my PMS and heavy bleeding. I never thought to ask anything else since I was a teenager at the time and was just happy to have easy periods.

But after I stopped the pill my period never came back. My doctor assured me that it would be fine, but after 6 months of no period her only answer was to go back on the pill.

I was heartbroken. My husband and I wanted to have a baby, but the only answers I was getting was to go back on the pill or have infertility treatments.

A friend of mine who had gotten pregnant after working with Dr. Brighten told me to go see her. Firstly, I was blown away by how thorough she was. My other doctors had never asked so many questions or cared how supported I felt in my life. I felt like I finally had a medical ally who would help me get to the bottom of what was taking place.

Working with Dr. Brighten did more than just get me my period back. She took me through a whole protocol to get my body ready for conception. I appreciated that Dr. Brighten took the approach of helping my body get back on track and supporting my overall health, rather than just treating my hormones.

After 7 months of working with Dr. Brighten I was pregnant! My husband and I weren’t even trying at this point. We were thrilled and so grateful for Dr. Brighten’s help. ~F.A.

Before seeing Dr. Brighten my fatigue had pretty much made it impossible for me to work. I was in pain every day and really cranky. My husband and I were struggling because of my health issues. Dr. Brighten quickly identified what the issues were and gave me a very thorough treatment plan. She was patient with me as I took time to make the changes she recommended. Now that I’m feeling great I wish I would have seen Dr. Brighten years ago when my symptoms started. ~M.L.

I read all of Dr. Brighten’s reviews and now I can see why everyone loves her! She totally rocks! I can not believe how long I struggled just to feel normal in my own body. Thanks to Dr. Brighten my hormones are in check and I my life is better for it. ~T.M.

After having Hashimoto’s for years I finally decided it was time to really try to fix my health. My doctors had been increasing my medication every 6 months and I still felt awful. Dr. Brighten totally knew what I was going through and helped me not only fix my underlying health issues, but also eliminate the need for thyroid medication. My health is better than it has ever been and I am now pregnant! I feel completely confident in Dr. Brighten’s care. And we have already begun a plan to ensure my thyroid doesn’t become an issue when I have my baby. ~M.T

My wife first started seeing Dr. Brighten for terrible energy issues. After seeing how much my wife improved her health under Dr. Brighten’s care I thought I’d like to see her too. I didn’t think I had much going on, but when we got the labs back it turned out I had an autoimmune disease and that the things I thought were just a part of normal aging were actually because of that. You can imagine how grateful I am to know that and to be working with a doctor who is so thorough.

Since beginning to work with Dr. Brighten, my antibodies are almost undetectable and I feel great. My wife and I adore her and can’t recommend her enough. ~A.C.

It’s hard for me to admit, but I didn’t really feel connected or bonded to my children once my hormonal symptoms started. I wasn’t even aware of this until it all came back. I didn’t know how much I was missing out on in life because I was just living in a fog. I can’t express enough what an incredible gift it is to feel this connection again. ~D.R.

Not a lot of doctors had answers for me when my health started crashing after I had my daughter. I had been having a lot of mood swings, my energy was low and my body hurt every time I’d hold my baby. I was struggling to take care of my baby until I met with Dr. Brighten. She was right about everything that was going wrong. I had postpartum thyroiditis and was anemic! Literally within weeks of starting treatment I felt like a totally different person. My mood is no longer an issue and I have enough energy to care for my baby. Thank you Dr. Brighten. ~J.W.

Dr. Brighten has been incredibly supportive with my condition. I appreciate that she really strives to teach me how to care for myself and that she coaches me in a way that feels supportive and never has made me feel like I’m doing a bad job. ~T.M.

Dr. Brighten explains things so well. This was the first thing I noticed about her—she really tries to help you understand what is happening in your body and how to fix it. I’ve never had a doctor do this before. ~H.B.

Dr. Brighten is my favorite doctor of all time! Because of my condition I have to work with A LOT of doctors. But she is the only one who prescribes me things like singing, gargling and deep breathing to help with my digestion. I kind of thought those things were silly, but when I started doing them I did notice a difference with both my digestion and my anxiety. I love that she thinks about all of me and not just the parts that aren’t working well. ~L.M.

I first came to Dr. Brighten after being diagnosed with heartburn and being prescribed medication that my doctor said I’d have to take for the rest of my life. I wanted to see if there was anything else that could be done.

After sharing my story with Dr. Brighten she told me she suspected a thyroid disorder. She ordered several labs which did show that I had Hashimoto’s and was hypothyroid. She also found that my heartburn was due to an autoimmune disease—something my doctor never checked.

I have to admit I was really reluctant to change my diet. I didn’t really think it would help. But Dr. Brighten was right, using an Autoimmune Paleo Diet helped my heartburn.

Within a month I was off the medication my doctor had prescribed and had more energy. My mood improved too, which was something my other doctor had been trying to give me an antidepressant for.

My periods, which had been really irregular and often made me really moody were much easier. I had wanted to see Dr. Brighten just for my heartburn, but I didn’t realize how my hormones and digestion were connected and how I could have better hormones by working on my digestion.

And to my surprise, my libido was back—something I had given up on. And my husband and I are more intimate then we have been in years!

When I told my other doctor everything Dr. Brighten had done for me she asked me for Dr. Brighten’s contact information so she could refer her other patients. I think that says a lot about the work Dr. Brighten does. ~K.M.

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