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The Place to be for real talks about women's hormones, health & periods

Dr. Jolene brighten    Leader in women's health, Author, Speaker

The Place To Be For Real Talks About Women's Hormones & Periods

Dr. Jolene Brighten     Leader In Women's Health, Author, Speaker

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gratitude for hormone health

What Are the Benefits of Gratitude for Your Hormones and Health?

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Balancing Your Hormones, Brain Health Leave a Comment

Did you know that there is immense power in gratitude and being kind to ourselves? Yep, it's true! There are numerous health benefits that come from being thankful and treating ourselves with compassion and respect. Mindset is everything. It's the secret sauce that helps people heal. I know many of you will be rolling your eyes at this point; skeptics …

The Benefits of Licorice Root for Women

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Adrenal Leave a Comment

Native to Asia, the Middle East, and Southern Europe, the licorice plant has a long history as both a medicine and a flavor. Licorice was a favored sweet drink in ancient Egypt, and used medicinally across Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures to treat inflammation, soothe upset stomachs, and more.  Modern studies are finding more evidence for the many traditional uses …

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin B5

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Balancing Your Hormones Leave a Comment

Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is one of the eight B vitamins, each vital for maintaining overall health. Your body uses vitamin B5 to produce healthy red blood cells, to build several important hormones, and to process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy.  B5 also supports healthy skin and hair, and is often added to skincare and hair …

The Benefits of Black Cohosh for Women

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Balancing Your Hormones Leave a Comment

Black cohosh, a white flowering plant native to eastern North America, was first used in Native American medicine to support women's health and reproduction, body pain, coughs, colds, fatigue, and weakness. Today black cohosh is one of the most popular women's health supplements. As research into its efficacy began to grow, scientists began to sort out what it may help …

Cat’s Claw: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Balancing Your Hormones Leave a Comment

Cat’s claw has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to support a variety of health conditions. It’s native to South and Central America, where it’s been an essential part of healing and spiritual practices. In more recent years, interest in cat’s claw has grown throughout Europe and North America. It’s often used as an herbal remedy for …

The Best Herbs for Menopause

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Perimenopause/ Menopause Leave a Comment

Entering the season of menopause can bring up so many different emotions for a woman. It's a time of immense change that can mean a new chapter of freedom and wisdom. Unfortunately, the symptoms associated with menopause can seriously impact how a woman experiences this shift, ranging from bothersome to completely debilitating. Menopause means you've not had a menstrual period …

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  • Izabella WentzDr. Brighten's work is so important for women's health. Whenever women with thyroid, menstrual or fertility issues come to work with Dr. Brighten they find have better periods, feel better, they have more energy and in many cases they are able to reverse their conditions. I highly recommend Dr. Brighten's work.Dr. Izabella Wentz, Thyroid Pharmacist, NYT Best Selling Author of Hashimoto's Protocol

  • Maya Shetreat-KleinDr. Jolene Brighten is a powerful force supporting women’s health and well-being. In a world where oral contraceptives are doled out like candy, Dr. Brighten guides women through reestablishing hormonal balance and reclaiming their lives. This book will help countless women in great need.Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, author of The Dirt Cure

  • Mariza SnyderIf you are a woman and you are dealing with hormone issues, adrenal issues or a thyroid condition then this is your go-to doctor. Her clinic will help you restore your hormones, get your energy back and improve your period. I have been recommending my readers to her for many years because she gets the results that you are desiring.Dr. Mariza Snyder, Best Selling Author

  • Trevor CatesDr. Jolene Brighten and her women health clinics help women address their hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease by getting to the root cause.Dr. Trevor Cates, Spa Doctor, Best Selling Author

  • Alejandra CarrascoDr. Brighten is someone I look to help me often with patients that I have questions about with women's health issues. I find that her wisdom and knowledge of women's health is unparalleled. I really value her expertise.Dr. Alejandra Carrsaco Functional Medicine MD

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