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How to Improve Egg Quality Naturally

Dr. Laura Wollman Fertility Comments

When couples are wishing to conceive there are many areas that I like to address to ensure they are doing everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Some of the things I might discuss relate to decreasing environmental chemical exposure, reducing inflammation, or tackling chronic health problems before pregnancy.   One of my main areas of focus is …

The Thyroid Gut Connection + 4 Steps to Heal Your Gut

Dr. Jolene Brighten Autoimmune, Thyroid Comments

Chances are if you’ve made a trip to your endocrinologist for your hypothyroidism you’ve heard that your condition is genetic, there’s a prescription for it, and that’s about all you can do. I’d even venture to guess that there was no mention of your gut health at all…let alone the thyroid gut connection. And why would your endocrinologist talk to …

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Dr. Jolene Brighten Hormones Comments

The holidays are a wonderful time to share the gift of health…. but finding that great gift can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. In hopes of reducing your stress this holiday season, I’ve made a list of my favorite healthy, useful and tasty gift ideas. This is a great way to share your healthy lifestyle with your friends …

Birth Control & Medical Gender Bias

Dr. Jolene Brighten Hormones Comments

  Women have been waiting decades for the day that a male contraceptive is approved for use. Looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer, ladies. A recent trial of injectable male contraceptive was stopped after determining that the risks to men’s health outweighed the benefits.   What brought researchers to that conclusion? Out of 320 men, there were 20 …

Natural Remedies for PMS & Cramps

Dr. Jolene Brighten Hormones Comments

If you’re suffering from PMS and cramps, you’re not alone. Many women suffer from PMS. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of women experience headaches, bloating, difficulty sleeping, mood swings and other symptoms of PMS — symptoms that are debilitating and threaten our relationships. Many women unconsciously accept that this is the ‘norm’ and that this monthly nuisance is …

Post Holiday Detox

Dr. Jolene Brighten Adrenal, Digestion, Hormones Comments

Is your body in need of a mini-reboot? Is a little Post Holiday Detox in order?  Overindulging in food, stressed from holiday travel or maybe having one too many glasses of wine are one of many reasons you may be feeling fatigued, bloated and moody. Feeling awful around the holidays is the worst… actually, feeling that way anytime of year …

8 Ways to Prevent Holiday Fatigue & Lower Stress

Dr. Jolene Brighten Adrenal Comments

Do you feel like the holidays might get the best of you and your energy? If preventing holiday fatigue is on your mind, I want to let you know you’re not alone.  Many of my patients share that the holidays are the most stressful time of year for them!  Travel, family, late nights, eating out… It’s easy to see why …

The Autoimmune Hormone Connection

Dr. Jolene Brighten Autoimmune, Hormones Comments

  Autoimmune disease is undeniably on the rise and who does it affect most? Us ladies! This might not come as a shock, but what might surprise you is just how much your autoimmune disease can completely wreck your hormones. In this post we are going to explore the autoimmune hormone connection and what this means for you. What is …

Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth

I’m thrilled to share my new book with you, Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth: The New Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester!