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The Place to be for real talks about women's hormones, health & periods

Dr. Jolene brighten    Leader in women's health, Author, Speaker

The Place To Be For Real Talks About Women's Hormones & Periods

Dr. Jolene Brighten     Leader In Women's Health, Author, Speaker

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No More Shame, No More Myths: Your Comprehensive Women's Health Guide

No More Shame, No More Myths: Your Comprehensive Women's Health Guide

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Metabolic Enhancers

Metabolic Enhancers to Help Boost Your Metabolism

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Wellbeing Leave a Comment

If you're looking to lose weight and keep it off for good, simply cutting calories likely won't be enough to help you maintain a lean, strong, healthy body composition long-term. You also need to stoke your body's “metabolic fire” in order to become a more efficient fat burner, which makes you less likely to gain body fat and lose muscle …

Can Drinking Spearmint Tea Help Balance Your Hormones?

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Balancing Your Hormones, Hormones Leave a Comment

Spearmint has garnered attention for its potential to balance androgens and alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), as well as its ability to support digestive health. Research has found that drinking spearmint tea is an effective way to address hirsutism and other symptoms of high testosterone, as we’ll discuss in this article.  Chances are you've consumed …

endometriosis flare up

Endometriosis Flare-Up Symptoms, Triggers, and Tips for Relief

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Endometriosis Leave a Comment

If you struggle with endometriosis, you're probably all too familiar with the debilitating endometriosis flare-ups that can rock your world with excruciating pain and disrupt your daily routine. Certain triggers, such as hormonal fluctuations, stress, increased inflammation, and fatigue, can contribute to the onset of an endometriosis flare-up. Becoming attuned to your personal triggers and having a proactive plan in …

Menopause Weight Loss

Tips to Help With Menopause Weight Loss

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Perimenopause/ Menopause, Weight Loss Leave a Comment

Are you struggling to lose weight or prevent unwanted pounds during menopause? You're not alone. During the menopause transition, up to 70% of women experience weight gain. On average, women gain about four to five pounds (or about 2 kilograms) during menopause, often with some of the weight accumulating in their belly area. Menopause weight loss requires a different approach …

infrared sauna

Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna + How it Compares to Traditional Saunas

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Wellbeing Leave a Comment

Unlike traditional saunas, which use heated rocks or steam to warm the air, infrared saunas utilize infrared light to heat the body directly. This unique mechanism results in a host of benefits—such as potentially helping to fight inflammation and support hormonal balance1 and heart health. In recent years, the popularity of infrared saunas has soared as more people seek innovative …

Endocrine Disrupting Compounds and Fertility

Dr. Jolene BrightenPublished: Balancing Your Hormones, Fertility Leave a Comment

Endocrine disrupting compounds or chemicals (EDCs), may contribute to various reproductive health and fertility issues. As we’ll discuss in this article, EDCs may contribute to endometriosis, worsen symptoms of PCOS, and negatively impact male fertility. Endocrine disruptors are found in various sources — in the plastic bottles you drink from, in your favorite cosmetics, and in the cleaning products that …

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Adrenal Support

Adrenal Support

Adrenal Support is a combination of standardized adaptogenic herbs and nutrients which are known to contribute to rejuvenating the adrenals. This product is designed to help support healthy cortisol levels, hypothalamic and pituitary function (HPTA axis), and catecholamine production (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine).

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Balance supports classic herbal hormonal balancing in the form of vitex, polygonum and black cohosh, along with DIM and chrysin for protection and support of beneficial estrogen aromatase activity. Calcium-D-glucarate promotes the proper elimination of excess estrogens.

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Prenatal Plus

Prenatal Plus

A complete women’s formulation with active B Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support women wanting to become pregnant, currently pregnant or nursing. This formulation was designed to provide comprehensive thyroid support through pregnancy and postpartum with the perfect balance of iodine and selenium. Our nutrient dense formula provides support for baby’s bone, brain, and overall development. We’ve designed this formula to meet the needs of both pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

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What others say

  • Izabella WentzDr. Brighten's work is so important for women's health. Whenever women with thyroid, menstrual or fertility issues come to work with Dr. Brighten they find have better periods, feel better, they have more energy and in many cases they are able to reverse their conditions. I highly recommend Dr. Brighten's work.Dr. Izabella Wentz, Thyroid Pharmacist, NYT Best Selling Author of Hashimoto's Protocol

  • Maya Shetreat-KleinDr. Jolene Brighten is a powerful force supporting women’s health and well-being. In a world where oral contraceptives are doled out like candy, Dr. Brighten guides women through reestablishing hormonal balance and reclaiming their lives. This book will help countless women in great need.Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, author of The Dirt Cure

  • Mariza SnyderIf you are a woman and you are dealing with hormone issues, adrenal issues or a thyroid condition then this is your go-to doctor. Her clinic will help you restore your hormones, get your energy back and improve your period. I have been recommending my readers to her for many years because she gets the results that you are desiring.Dr. Mariza Snyder, Best Selling Author

  • Trevor CatesDr. Jolene Brighten and her women health clinics help women address their hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease by getting to the root cause.Dr. Trevor Cates, Spa Doctor, Best Selling Author

  • Alejandra CarrascoDr. Brighten is someone I look to help me often with patients that I have questions about with women's health issues. I find that her wisdom and knowledge of women's health is unparalleled. I really value her expertise.Dr. Alejandra Carrsaco Functional Medicine MD

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