Adrenal Health

One of the most common symptoms patients have these days is chronic fatigue and low energy levels. If you’re incapable of participating in the activities you love, have difficulty waking, or experience skin issues, low libido, or depression, you may suffer from adrenal fatigue. Dr. Jolene Brighten will expertly diagnose the severity of your condition and work with you to naturally support adrenal health over time for increased energy, vitality, and wellbeing. Learn more →

Functional Lab Testing

Get real answers about possible underlying conditions through functional lab tests curated by Dr. Jolene Brighten. Take a deep dive into the numbers that represent your blood sugar and electrolyte levels, kidney and liver function, and explore how to optimize cardiovascular, thyroid, and sex hormone levels. Tests can also give you a more comprehensive view of possible food allergies and sensitivities. Instead of just advising you about what is “normal,” Dr. Brighten will help you to enhance your results to achieve optimal health, energy, and balance. Learn more →

Postpartum Care

In the days and weeks following the delivery of your baby, it’s important to protect immunity and optimize recovery. With Dr. Brighten, you’ll learn natural solutions to postpartum ailments including pelvic pain, incontinence, breast tenderness, constipation, and so much more. Postpartum care is not just important for mom’s health, but also for baby’s. Learn more →

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Best known for supporting women through the transitional phases of midlife, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can effectively restore lost libido, sagging skin, and fatigue associated with aging and hormone imbalance. And it’s not just for women! Rebalance the body using the same hormone molecules that your body produces naturally and avoid many of the risks inherent in synthetic hormone use. Learn more →

Rubus Pelvic Care

Rubus Pelvic Care is a technique used to treat pelvic complaints, from pain and incontinence to sexual dysfunction and lack of libido. Unlike conventional physical therapy or bodywork, this technique restores balance in the pelvis on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. In this way, Rubus Pelvic Care can be used as preventative medicine, in the treatment of physical ailments, or to simply bring a woman a greater sense of connection to her creative energy source.Learn more →

Preconception / Fertility

Naturally prepare your body for a strong, healthy pregnancy or address male and female fertility issues with Dr. Jolene Brighten. This innovative blend of cutting-edge research and natural medicine treats each individual to restore the balance required to create new life. Together, you’ll work to find all underlying imbalances and create a holistic model to heal and restore. Learn more →

Digestive Disorders

Your digestive system is an intricate balance of bacteria, muscles, and hormones that are all connected to your immune and nervous systems. Problems with your gut can result in poor nutrient absorption, impaired energy production, inflammation, or be a sign of autoimmunity. Controlling gut disorders and managing food sensitivities is critical to addressing seemingly unrelated conditions and Dr. Brighten can help. Learn more →

Hormone Balancing

Hormone imbalance affects men and women of all ages, from adolescence to midlife. From unintentional weight gain and acne to fertility issues, hot flashes, and mood swings, the symptoms related to hormone imbalances can be painful and disruptive. Work with Dr. Brighten for science-based, time-tested remedies that balance hormones naturally and give you the energy and vitality you crave. Learn more →

Thyroid Health

Thyroid disease affects over 25 million people in the U.S. alone, the majority of whom are women. Your thyroid affects almost all of your body’s processes, from temperature regulation to metabolism. Symptoms like brain fog, mood swings, depression, and weight gain could point to a problem with your thyroid. Dr. Brighten is considered one of the leading experts in thyroid disease and has helped thousands of women reclaim their health. She meets with thyroid patients at her Portland and Oakland offices. Learn more →