Endometriosis and Fertility

Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a disorder where tissue that shares similarities with what lines the inside of the uterus (endometrium) grows outside of the uterus. It’s hard for people who don’t live with endometriosis to understand just how debilitating and even isolating the condition can be. Yes, some people have more mild cases and less pain, but for many women with endometriosis, …

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms And Natural Treatments

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If you’ve got ovaries that ovulate, it is highly likely that you develop an ovarian cyst at sometime in your fertile years. You may not even notice the ovarian cyst symptoms or it may be very painful depending on the type and size of the cyst. Each ovulatory cycle, an egg matures inside of a follicle. Then the follicle bursts …

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What Causes Endometrial Hyperplasia + What to Do About It

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Endometrial hyperplasia can be the cause of heavy periods, large clots in the menstrual blood, and in some cases, cancer. Often excess estrogen in the absence of sufficient progesterone, known as estrogen dominance, causes the cells in the lining of the uterus  (the endometrium) to grow abnormally thick. When the endometrium becomes too thick, you end up with a condition …

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Symptoms of Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a common health issue affecting women—one in ten women have it! And I would say that probably ten out of ten women have been dismissed by their doctor at some point in their journey. Because typically, you go to your doctor with signs and symptoms of endometriosis, and the first thing you’re told is, “Oh, girl, just take …

What Causes Endometriosis & Natural Treatments That Help

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Endometriosis is a very common condition for many women. In fact, it’s estimated that 200 million people worldwide are living with this condition. Here, we’ll discuss the condition, how it works and the symptoms you can expect. But we’ll also go further and look at natural treatments for endometriosis. What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is the growth of endometrial-like tissue in …