Endometriosis and IBS

Endometriosis and IBS: Symptom Connection and Solutions

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Endometriosis, a condition affecting millions that can be very painful, is not just about reproductive health—it’s also deeply intertwined with gut health. Patients with endometriosis are more likely to experience irritable bowel syndrome or IBS and suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms.  Understanding the link between endometriosis and IBS is crucial in managing endometriosis symptoms and improving quality of life. Gut health …

Can your Period Trigger IBS?

Can Menstrual Cycles Affect IBS? Yes. Here’s How to Feel Better

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If you’ve noticed your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms get worse around your period, you aren’t alone. Even women without IBS can experience gastrointestinal discomfort during their menstrual cycle.  So if you suffer from IBS, things can get even worse during your period. Bloating, cramping, diarrhea (hello period poops) are all symptoms of IBS in women that can be exacerbated …