PCOS hair loss

PCOS Hair Loss Explained: Common Patterns, Triggers, and Treatment Options

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Women with PCOS are more than twice as likely to experience hair loss compared to non-PCOS women of the same age. That is because PCOS is associated with a higher level of androgens, like testosterone, which plays a central role in PCOS hair loss. Here’s a snapshot of what to know about PCOS and hair: The Link Between PCOS and …

Postpartum Hair Loss Prevention

Can You Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss?

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Picture this: you’ve finally got a nap schedule down and actually have time and a little energy for a hairstyle other than a messy bun. You jump in the oh-so-needed glorious shower but notice the drain is clogged with hair, and you’re losing clumps of hair as you comb your conditioner through.  Sound familiar? You aren’t going bald, and you …