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The Pill Thyroid Connection

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The Pill Thyroid Connection is real! And many women have written to me questioning if the birth control pill could be sabotaging their thyroid health. The common story I hear from these women and the women in my practice is that most of their problems started when they committed to that daily pill consumption. This has been a question on my mind …

Detox Skin Care & Beauty Products in 3 Steps

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At some point in my 20’s I got it in my head that women were supposed to smell like vanilla…and berries and champagne…and whatever the people behind the infamous VS store told me I should smell like. Looking back, in my attempt to smell like the “perfect woman,” I was bathing in lotions and huffing fragrances that were wrecking my …

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Why I Require a Complete Thyroid Panel & Your Doctor Should Too

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In my practice, I make it a point to order a complete thyroid panel on all of my patients, especially those with symptoms or who have just had a baby. The majority of my patients have never had a complete thyroid panel, as their doctor would only order a TSH. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH is a pretty standard blood …

How Does Breastfeeding Shape Baby’s Gut Health & Immune System

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The intricacies of the human body are vast. It’s only recently that we’re beginning to understand the true makeup of our microbiome and what these tens of trillions of microorganisms are capable of. Gut bacteria helps to shape and strengthen our immune systems over time and we’ve already found links between gut bacteria and mood disorders like depression and ADD. …

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The Importance of a Healthy Gut in Pregnancy

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Many of my patients ask me what they can do to prepare for pregnancy. Surely there’s more to prepping your body than a simple prenatal vitamin? One area that can almost always use improvement (not just in aspiring mothers, but in most of the U.S. population), is a healthy gut. Age, antibiotics, stress, and diet can do a number on our …

Are Food Sensitivities Making You Ill?

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Food sensitivities may be driving many of your symptoms. Migraines, difficulty losing weight, acne, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and many other symptoms can be signs of food sensitivities. Because food sensitivities can be difficult to identify (a reaction may not be evident for up to 3 days after consuming food), many people have no idea that they are reacting to the …