Detox Skin Care & Beauty Products in 3 Steps

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At some point in my 20’s I got it in my head that women were supposed to smell like vanilla. And berries and champagne. And whatever the people behind the infamous VS store told me I should smell like.

Looking back, in my attempt to smell like the “perfect woman,” I was bathing in lotions and huffing fragrances that were wrecking my hormones.

This makes the list among other great fails of my twenties.

I just have to laugh. I think many of us have a boatload of “if I had known better I wouldn’t have…” floating in our heads daily.

But we aren’t going to focus there.

Focusing on your past does little good to improve your future. Instead, let’s focus on what steps we can take now towards improving our health.

So, here’s the deal. I know no one likes it when I call out “bad habits” or harmful products you might be using. When I told a girlfriend of mine what I was going to write about she said, “great, just don’t tell me my blush is bad…because I LOVE my blush.”

I’m not going to tell you your blush is bad…instead, I’ll let do that for you.

But I am going to share with you 3 big health-wrecking chemicals to be on the lookout for. They may be in the personal care products you use daily! If you are looking for the best detox skin care beauty products you need to avoid these big 3 chemicals!

3 Big Health Wrecking Chemicals


This was put into everything just a few years back! Even your toothpaste had triclosan to prevent gum disease. Triclosan was later found to be a major hormone disruptor and has since been pulled from many products. You can still find it in some antimicrobial soaps and other skin products, so be on the lookout.

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)

A major hormone disruptor. BHA now has the National Institutes of Health warning against the cancer-causing effects of this chemical.


You’ll find this in a lot of lotions and sunscreens. Look for anything with acrylamide in the name and avoid it! It is a cancer causing, reproduction harming chemical that you don’t want anywhere near the skin.

As you can imagine, I could write a book on the number of chemicals you need to avoid in your personal care products (fortunately, someone already did).

So, should you run into your bathroom and throw everything out?

Probably not the best idea, unless you are looking for complete overwhelm (or you’re totally committed and ready to roll). So what to do next?

Detox Skin Care & Beauty Products in 3 Steps

Take Inventory

Write it all down and decided which personal care products you can NOT live without. When you know which those are, head over to and check the rating.

If EWG says it’s gotta go…well, it’s gotta go.

If it is a really poorly rated product and you have symptoms of feeling unwell—throw it out!

Products not the most optimal? Feel you can phase it out? Then use it up. But when it is gone, replace it.

If you're feeling the need to take a detox after reading up on your current personal care products then you'll definitely want to read How to Do a Holistic Detox.


You’re going to need to find replacements that work for your skin.

If you’re a DIY kind of gal or looking for some serious spa style home pampering, then you must get the book Clean Skin from Within. I’m obsessed with the Papaya mask!

Dig Deeper

If you’re using a whole lot of makeup or other products then it is time to dig deeper. Especially if it is due to eczema, acne, rashes, psoriasis, etc.

One of the best ways to detox your personal care products is the treat the root cause!

That nifty resource, Clean Skin from Within, that I mentioned above is an excellent tool for troubleshooting skin symptoms and healing them for good. Through a variety of skin types, dietary recommendation (with recipes) and individualized skin treatments to help you look your best.

I’ve been sharing this book with many of my patients recently! Every single person has shared that this is one of the best skin resources they’ve seen!  So of course I need to share it with you too!

Remember, change doesn’t have to happen overnight. Take it one step at a time and use the resources I’ve outlined here. You’ll not only be able to improve what you put on your skin, but also, how you feel in yours!

detox skin care beauty products

Wishing you an abundance of health!

Dr. Jolene Brighten


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