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Postpartum Fatigue or Thyroid Disease?

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Is it really just postpartum fatigue or could it be thyroid disease? Look, we’ve got some serious issues in medicine…especially women’s medicine. As women, our symptoms often go dismissed or unheard…or worse…we are offered a band-aid pharmaceutical or invasive surgery for what is so simply a hormone imbalance.  This is no different for new moms and you’d be surprised just how often thyroid …

Why is Hypothyroidism More Common in Women?

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  Nearly 1 in 3 people have thyroid disease, the majority of which are women. Yet more than half of those with a thyroid condition don’t know they have it. Women are 5 to 8 times more likely to have thyroid disease. It can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, but doctors don’t necessarily think to order the testing …

The Thyroid Secret

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I’m so excited that I just can’t hold this in any longer — The Thyroid Secret is finally here!!! I’ve just got word that I can finally let you in on something that I’ve known about for several months, but was sworn to secrecy! My friend Dr. Izabella Wentz and her amazing team have put together something that’s going to …

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Why Orgasms Are Good For Women + How to Improve Your Libido

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  Sure, orgasms are fun, but did you know they are good for your health too? If you’ve been following my work, then you know I’m a big fan of women having orgasms because of the amazing health benefits they provide. Yup, orgasms are more than just fun… Why Orgasms Are Good for Women Bumping Oxytocin Levels. Oxytocin — the …

The Thyroid Gut Connection + 4 Steps to Heal Your Gut

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Chances are if you’ve made a trip to your endocrinologist for your hypothyroidism you’ve heard that your condition is genetic, there’s a prescription for it, and that’s about all you can do. I’d even venture to guess that there was no mention of your gut health at all…let alone the thyroid gut connection. And why would your endocrinologist talk to …

Natural Hair Loss Solutions

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Approaching hair loss with natural solutions is a foundational part of stopping the loss and regrowing your hair. Intervening through diet, sleep, stress reduction, and targeted nutritional therapy are among many ways women naturally restore the health of their hair. Hair loss in women is a much more common issue than commonly recognized. There are over 21 million women suffering from …

7 Facts About Depression That Will Blow You Away

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Adapted from A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD I am so pleased to share with you this guest post, 7 Facts About Depression That Will Blow You Away, from my friend and colleague Dr. Kelly Brogan. If you’ve felt that your depression isn’t only in your head, is a symptom of something deeper or are looking for …

What You Need to Know About Heartburn & Hypothyroidism

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Heartburn — that sensation of burning in your chest or throat that may accompany meals or haunt you throughout the day. Chances are you’ve experienced it at some point, which you means you know how uncomfortable it can be. However, you might be asking yourself right now, what could heartburn and Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s possibly have in common? Heartburn is a …

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Why I Require a Complete Thyroid Panel & Your Doctor Should Too

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In my practice, I make it a point to order a complete thyroid panel on all of my patients, especially those with symptoms or who have just had a baby. The majority of my patients have never had a complete thyroid panel, as their doctor would only order a TSH. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH is a pretty standard blood …