4 Simple Ways to Increase Male Fertility

Ladies often get most of the attention when dealing with issues surrounding fertility. However, it is estimated that one in 25 men are affected by male infertility. There are simple ways to increase male fertility. These lifestyle changes are not only beneficial for those with fertility issues, but also those who are trying to conceive.

4 Simple Ways to Increase Male Fertility

Reduce Stress 

Stress not only decreases the hormones that help sperm production, but also the ones that keep up a healthy libido. Try moderate exercise, pop into a yoga class, pick up a deep breathing practice or find a hobby that puts you at ease. Whatever you do now to manage your stress will prove to be beneficial when there is a little one running around.

Stress can decrease your libido and sperm count. Try to incorporate stress relieving activities into your day.

Quit Smoking (cigarettes & marijuana). 

Both lead to decreased sperm counts. Cigarette smoking can lead to slower moving sperm (decreased motility) and marijuana use has been associated with abnormal sperm (abnormal morphology).

Cigarette smoking can damage sperm DNA.

Exercise Moderately. 

Exercise can release endorphins and stimulate a healthy libido, but too much can lead to a decrease in testosterone. Lower testosterone means less sperm production.

A healthy male should set their target heart rate at about 65 to 75% of their maximum for cardio training. Remember to always discuss the best exercise for you with your doctor.

Keep the Diet Well Rounded.

Important regardless of your fertility status. There are many nutrients that can improve the quality of your sperm. Eating a diet that consists of ample vegetables, fruit and high quality protein can ensure you are getting the nutrients your sperm needs.

Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, which can increase sperm count & motility.


Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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