What is Estrogen Dominance + What to Do About It

Estrogen dominance is one of the most common hormone imbalances we see at Rubus Health. It is a common condition because both stress and environment have a big impact on your hormone levels.

Estrogen dominance can develop from excess body fat, environmental estrogens, poor digestion, stress, adrenal issues, and even autoimmune conditions. Often, it isn’t frank estrogen dominance, but rather a relative state, in relation to other hormones.

Common Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance can also lead to decreased amounts of available thyroid hormone.

In this video I discuss estrogen dominance in great detail and provide you the information you need about the essential steps in balancing hormones.

If you're looking for next steps after watching this video, I invite you to get your free copy of my Hormone Balancing Recipe Guide here.

What steps should you take first?

#1 Find a Pracitioner to Partner With.

You will need lab testing to understand if and why you have estrogen dominance. In my clinic, we use advanced hormone lab testing to develop an individualized protocol based on your body's needs.

#2 Kick Stress to the Curb!

I recommend stress reduction and quality sleep be the very first steps women take in rebalancing their hormones. You can find tips in this article to help you reduce your stress.

#3 Maximize Your Nutrition.

Focus on increasing dietary fiber, eating more liver supportive foods, and organic nutrient dense meals. Grab a meal plan here to see how.

If you develop gas, bloating or other symptoms during this step it is imperative that you have lab testing done to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Although estrogen dominance can make you feel miserable, it is reversible! These 3 steps are vital to getting to your root cause, creating hormone balance and removing estrogen dominance from your life!

To learn more about working with my clinical team and our unique approach to women's health please visit Rubus Health.


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