Thyroid Disease After Pregnancy: Fatigue in the Fourth Trimester

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Thyroid disease after pregnancy may be the most overlooked and under diagnosed condition affecting new mothers. Taking a conservative estimate, we can expect 300,000-400,000 mothers to develop postpartum thyroid disease this year. That is 10% of all new moms. But some estimate it may be as high as 17%— and those are only the women who are being tested. Many other mothers …

7 Reasons Why I Prescribe Bone Broth for Autoimmune Disease

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You may have heard about the health benefits of a good bone broth, but what exactly is the magic behind the broth? And why do Dr. Brighten and I recommend bone broth to nearly all of our autoimmune patients? How two little amino acids help us heal Bone broth can be a therapeutic food for gut healing because of the …

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Birth Control — What Doctors Don’t Say

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Worldwide, 100 million use some form of birth control… without knowing how it actually works and the possible damage it can do to their bodies. Are you aware that most women, at some point in their life, have been recommended the birth control pill by their doctor? The CDC estimates 10.6 million women use oral contraception in the U.S. alone. …

8 Ways to Eliminate Postpartum Depression and Be Free of “Mommy Brain”

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Whether you’re experiencing brain fog (or “mommy brain”), fatigue, depression, or you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I have some actionable tips to reduce inflammation and get your brain back! If you know my work, you know that I am a huge advocate for postpartum mothers. Many women will experience inflammation postpartum and, in some cases, struggle with the …

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The Importance of a Healthy Gut in Pregnancy

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Many of my patients ask me what they can do to prepare for pregnancy. Surely there’s more to prepping your body than a simple prenatal vitamin? One area that can almost always use improvement (not just in aspiring mothers, but in most of the U.S. population), is a healthy gut. Age, antibiotics, stress, and diet can do a number on our …

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The Healing Properties of Bone Broth

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Touted for its gut-healing, immune-boosting properties, bone broth has to be one of the most delicious healing foods out there. Broth is a traditional food prepared by cultures worldwide for generations because of its association with healing. As trendy bone broth bars pop up in cities like New York and Portland, you might be wondering if this warm, salty broth …