5 Seasonal Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Winter

As we move into the colder months the number of fresh seasonal vegetables begin to dwindle on the shelf. Although the variety may be less, there is a lot of nutritional value found in these 5 Seasonal Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Winter.

5 Seasonal Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Winter

Every vegetable o this list but carrots are part of the cruciferous family, which is known for being potent allies in cancer prevention. These antioxidant rich vegetables help your body detoxify and have anti-inflammatory benefits. Aim to get 3-5 servings of this group a week.

Brussel Sprouts

High in vitamin K & C. A good source of folate.


Red cabbage is one of the most nutrient dense varieties because of its pigments.


Rich in vitamin A, C, K and iron with lots of health benefits to go along with it. What isn't there to love about kale?


Cauliflower also supports a healthy digestive system, which is important in colder months when we tend to gravitate towards foods that can slow the gut down.


We all know these beauties protect our vision, but they also provide nutrients that aid our immune system.

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