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I don’t heal my patients, I teach them to heal themselves.

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Available to schedule in Portland, Oakland and Virtually.

Navigating your own health is like reading a book that is too close to your face. You know all the answers are right there, but it’s just way too close to make out the words.

Enter Me.

I stand back at the right distance to clearly read those words back to you. I take your entire story, along with your labs and paint a clear picture of how you got to where you are, what to do to fix it, and what’s coming down the pipeline if we don’t act now.

But make no mistake, while I am guiding you and giving you direction, it is YOU who takes the step. It is you who does the work.

So in my mind—I don’t heal people. They heal themselves.

And if I’ve done my job right, then you’ll be feeling better and have a much better idea of what your body’s unique needs are and how to meet them.

Why? Because Docere (the root for doctor) literally means teacher.

My job is to teaching you how to care for your body so well that you know exactly what to do when things get off a little off balance. And for when things get really out of balance…I am here.

If you’re suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, or have seen everyone and tried everything, my team and I can offer you hope on your healing journey.

My practitioners and I successfully use functional medicine to treat women suffering from a range of issues like hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, PCOS, hair loss, fatigue, infertility, digestive disorders and depression… to name a few.

We use the most innovative and advanced lab testing, along with a personalized treatment plan anchored in diet, lifestyle and natural therapies to get you quick relief and create long lasting health.

Where to Find Us

Portland, OR

Portland OR | Dr. Jolene Brighten |

329 NE Couch Street
Portland, Oregon 97232
(503) 498-8830

Oakland, CA

Oakland CA | Dr. Jolene Brighten |

600 Grand Ave Suite 301
Oakland, California 94610
(510) 985-4044

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive Case Review

    The case review takes place over 2 visits and is designed to fast track your healing and discover your root cause.

  • Actionable Follow-Ups

    On an as needed basis, these visits are designed to fine tune your healing journey and accelerate your healing.

  • Complementary Functional Nutrition

    As part of your Case Review, you will have up to 2 complimentary sessions with our Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach to ensure your success. (Additional consults may be purchased.)

  • Customized Supplement Program

    Take only the supplements you need! You’ll receive targeted supplement therapy recommendations that are specific to your body’s needs.

  • Online Patient Education

    We’ve been known to drop some serious health knowledge in our articles, weekly emails, and webinars and would love to have you join in and learn more about your health.

  • Telemedicine

    We get it — making a doctor’s visit in person can be challenging at times. That’s why we offer video and phone follow-ups.

How to Become a Patient

Step One: Review the information on this page, as it will give you a sense of Dr. Brighten’s process and likely answer some of your initial questions.

Step Two: Complete your application to become a patient at my clinic. We review every application ourselves and will respond within 5 business days.

Step Three:  Our office will contact you to answer any additional questions you may have and help you schedule your Case Review appointments.

Read what patients have to say about our care.

Definitely not your average doctor…

Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor | Dr. Jolene Brighten |

In my clinic, we do things differently than your average doctor or naturopath.


I have a unique philosophy and approach to patient care and medicine, which is why my patients get better…and stay better!

I won’t just help you feel better—I teach you how to be your own medical detective and provide you with the tools so you can heal yourself!

I don’t just believe you have the power to heal your body…I know it! 

Curious if I’m the right doc for you?

I invite you to read my Clinic Core Values. If theses values resonate with you too then you’ll know my clinic is right for you.

These Clinic Core Values are the foundation for everything we do.

I’ve trained my entire clinic team in my philosophies, protocols, and approach to patient care. These are the values my practitioners, patients, support team and myself strive to embody.

Dr. Brighten’s Clinic Core Values

We take a team approach to your case.

You’ll be working one-on-one with your doctor and will have a nutritionist to support you as well. We come together as a health care team to evaluate each patients’s case and create the most comprehensive and balanced plan for your full health recovery. I oversee every case that comes through my clinic, so in this way, every patient gets my perspective on their case. We also welcome collaboration with other health care practitioners who are part of your health care team.

We want to hear your story.

We believe your story holds vital information that no lab value could ever reveal. Your experience is important to your case.

We want you to own the outcomes.

We are here to discover the root cause of your ailments and guide you on your journey back to health. Our job is to teach you how to care for your body, feel better every day, and prevent disease. We recognize and honor that it is you who will take our recommendations and create amazing health for yourself!

We don’t judge the journey.

We all come to health and the feeling of being whole by our own means…and no two paths will look the same. Maybe you’ve had some bumps in your road, and in truth, there will probably be more to come. We don’t believe in getting hung up on what we “didn’t do right” or “should have done better.” We’re more about the learning and the experiences that help shape who you become.

We love to dig!

We love to dig deep into your case and explore what others may have missed or what has yet to be discovered. We enjoy the patients who come to us saying, “I’ve tried everything.” The way we see it, our job is not only to help you reverse your condition and optimize your health now, it is also our job to prevent whatever may be coming on the road ahead so you can enjoy continued health.

We believe in short-term and long-term solutions.

We believe in getting you feeling better ASAP! Long term resolutions require effort and that requires energy. One of our first goals is to work towards symptom relief in the short-term, while we investigate and work towards lasting long-term solutions.

We believe in Doing the Work.

Achieving greatness requires us to do the work. We believe our team, just like our patients, need to be willing to put forth the effort and invest in their passions to achieve greatness. Embarking on this healing journey with us will require you to work. We don’t offer “quick fixes” or a “pill for every ill.” Instead we offer you the opportunity to take charge of your health and heal your own body…all you need to do is be willing to do the work.

We measure our success by your autonomy.

I have never subscribed to this idea of doctor as the “gatekeeper to health.” Instead, we believe in “doctor as teacher” and in that, we strive to provide you with tools and the education you need to become independent of us. Our goal with every patient is to get them feeling so good and so well educated about their health that they only need to check in with us once or twice a year. This is how we help you get better fast and are able to serve so many patients in our one-on-one visits.

We’re all in!

We believe the only way true healing can take place is for all of us to be committed to the success of this relationship. We’ll do the investigating with your help and you’ll make the changes necessary to heal with our help. We only work with patients who are committed to their health. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be willing to take ownership of your health and go all in on creating the life you want to live.

At the end of each visit, you will walk away with a greater understanding of your health, including which systems need to be addressed, and an actionable plan to help you attain your defined goals.

And we work differently than other docs…

In my clinic, I want you to feel comfortable enough to kick off your shoes, have a cup of tea and tell your story.

In order for you to unearth the root cause of your ailments and achieve lasting health, I’ve created a program that is both empowering and supportive.

Let me share with you what our clinic visits look like.

Establishing Care: The Case Review

The Case Review takes place over two visits and is the first step in establishing care with my clinic. It is during this time that we can gather important details about your health, lab information and begin implementing diet and lifestyle treatments, along with targeted herbal and nutritional therapies.

After your paperwork has been received and reviewed by our clinic, you’ll be invited to schedule your initial visit.

Part One:

Your visit begins before you ever step foot in the clinic. Prior to your appointment you’ll complete in-depth intake forms which your doctor will spend time reviewing, along with any previous labs you may have. We spend an average of 30-60 minutes preparing to meet with you.

In your first consult you will meet with Dr. Brighten or one of her practitioners in person at her clinic to explore the details of your case.

This is where your doctor will get to know you, your goals, and your health needs with help from an extensive health history intake. Based on your concerns and the findings of the visit, your doctor will discuss with you which lab tests are necessary for the second part of your Case Review and to get to the root of your concerns.

Many lab tests are done upfront to help identify the underlying patterns contributing to disease. This model saves money in the long-term by identifying the root of your issues quickly and providing the doctor with the information she needs to craft a health plan individualized to your needs.

You’ll leave this consult with a personalized wellness plan that will include nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to set a strong foundation of health. We believe in getting you better fast, which is why we do not delay in starting treatment.

Following your visit with your doctor, you’ll schedule a complimentary session with a Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach to ensure your success. You’ll also receive an additional complimentary check-in with your nutrition provider.

*If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay or Portland Area, you must make arrangements to travel to Dr. Brighten’s clinic for the in-person consult to establish a doctor-patient relationship.

Part Two:

Your second consult takes place via phone or webcam (in office visits available upon request). During this time, you and the doctor will follow up on your previous treatment plan and go over the lab results that were completed. You will receive a thorough explanation of your lab results and how they relate to your health, as well as a comprehensive treatment plan.

This is the part where we take all the puzzle pieces — your story, your lab results, your symptoms and our findings from the physical exam and put it all together to paint a clear picture of your health and what we need to do to achieve your goals.

Your comprehensive treatment plan may include:

  • Easy to implement dietary recommendations to begin immediately
  • A long-term dietary plan to help you to heal
  • Holistic lifestyle recommendations
  • Herbal and dietary supplement recommendations
  • Hormonal prescriptions, if needed
  • Mind-Body and stress reduction techniques to meet your individual needs
  • Estimated timeline of care, outlining the approximate number of visits we think you’ll need

This two-part consult has two purposes:

1) To ensure that the doctor has every piece of your health story so she can gain the most comprehensive understanding possible of the many factors affecting your health.

2) To give you every tool possible to start a life-long journey toward health.

And all of this is to work towards achieving the big goal of getting you feeling so good that you only need to check in with us a couple times per year. We call that the “graduate program,” which is when we are able to transition our patients to less frequent visits. We measure our success by your autonomy!

Here’s what some of our patient’s have to say about their experiences working with us:

“I finally have a clear path to health. I struggled for years with doctors who couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I am just so excited to know what is going on and how to heal. This is the first time I’ve felt really happy and excited about my health!” ~G.L.

“After years of experiencing PMS, anxiety and terrible stomach aches, I finally have relief after only a couple of visits with Dr. Brighten. I am no longer feeling anxious and I can finally spend my weekends out with my friends, instead of home with a stomach ache.” ~A.L.

“Working with Dr. Brighten has helped me get my energy back and I’ve been able to lower my thyroid medication. I had been on thyroid hormones for many years and never really felt much better. She gave me a new prescription and helped me resolve a lot of the issues that were causing my hypothyroidism.” ~J.K.

“Dr. Brighten helped me relieve the terrible gas and bloating I had following the birth of my second child. She suspected SIBO and it turns out she was right! After years of working with nutritionists and medical doctors I finally had an answer and within one week of starting treatment all of the bloating was resolved. I can now play with my children and no longer have to worry if the food I eat will make me sick. Dr. Brighten gave me back my life and I am so grateful!” ~K.R.

Read more blush worthy praise here.



Personalized Nutrition Prescriptions
One-on-One Support


Diet and lifestyle changes are at the core of Dr. Brighten’s treatment philosophy. That’s why she and the doctors in her clinic work closely with nutritionists trained specifically in Dr. Brighten’s protocols to help implement changes and support you throughout your journey.

As part of Phase I of your treatment, you will be scheduled with our clinic’s nutritionist via phone or webcam:

After your doctor has made a written a dietary prescription, you will be scheduled for a 30-minute webcam or phone consultation with our nutritionist to help you implement your dietary prescription. Together, you’ll go over the details of your prescribed diet and lifestyle plan, talk about your goals, and address specific challenges or hurdles. Following this appointment, you’ll get a detailed Nutrition Plan to begin at the designated time decided by you and your doctor. This includes a written consult summary + one 7-day meal plan, recipes, and other resources. All Nutrition Plans are formulated with help from Dr. Brighten with your specific treatment plan in mind.

Our nutritionist will follow up in another 2-4 weeks to answer any questions you may have and provide any additional nutritional support.*

*If you are interested in ongoing nutritional support you can learn more here.

In summary, Establishing Care consists of:

  • Completing your patient application
  • One in-person consult with Dr. Brighten or one of her associates
  • One web or phone consult with Dr. Brighten or one of her associates
  • 2 Nutrition Consults with a Functional Nutritionist that includes a written consult summary + one 7-day meal plan, recipes, and other resources
  • A thorough review of your medical history and relevant previous lab work
  • Complete body systems evaluation
  • Review of family history
  • Complete physical exam
  • Prescriptions for necessary hormones
  • A review of your current diet and nutritional supplements
  • A comprehensive treatment plan including diet, supplements and lifestyle therapies
  • Written report and thorough review of lab findings
  • Recommendations for necessary future or further testing

*Please note that treatment plans may take up to one week to be delivered depending on the complexity of your case and the extent of research required by our clinical team.

Complete Your Application to Become a Patient Today

We look forward to supporting
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