How to Naturally Increase Your Sex Drive in 13 Ways!

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Sex drive gone missing? You’re not alone. In fact, as much as 40% of women experience a low libido and disinterest in sex.  Wondering how to naturally increase your sex drive? You're not alone there either! This blog is all about reclaiming your libido and finding balance.

Your lack of desire can be rooted in low testosterone, dietary imbalance, elevated inflammation, or a mental-emotional imbalance.

It’s a common problem, but not commonly talked about. And low sex drive might be sabotaging your relationships and making you feel disconnected from your partner.

Sex is more than pleasure…

Sex is more than pleasure, it is also how we connect, increase beneficial hormones and squash stress hormones that get the best of us. If you’re suffering from a low libido then you should know that it has a root cause and is absolutely something you can restore.

Here is how to naturally increase your sex drive and find balance. Try incorporating these thirteen natural strategies and see what works for you!

13 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Sex Drive

Real Talks with Your Partner.

Look, I can give you dozens of effective ways to boost your sex drive, but if the root cause of your low libido is that your partner isn’t delivering what you need or you're just not jiving then this must be addressed. Have some real talks with your partner about what brings you pleasure and find out what works for them too.

Eat Pumpkin Seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc. Zinc can help you achieve higher testosterone levels, which have been associated with a higher sex drive. Zinc is also important for healthy sperm production. Aim for 1/4 cup per day.

Maca the Mojo Herb.

Maca is an adaptogen that has been shown to increase sexual desire and libido. Add 5 grams of gelatinized maca to your smoothie in the morning and enjoy a second dose at lunch daily.

Choose Dark Chocolate.

Healthy blood vessels are essential for arousal, orgasm, and pleasure. Dark chocolate is an excellent source of bioflavonoids, which supports the circulatory system, which allows for engorgement of sexual organs, arousal, lubrication and everyone’s favorite—orgasms!

Yo Baby, Yohimbine.

At 20 mg daily this herb has shown to improve orgasm dysfunction. 

Pelvic Floor Breath.

If you’re not putting your awareness and breath into this space then now is the time to start. Often I find that patients experiencing low libido abandon their pelvic space in frustration. Instead, try this. Spend 5-10 minutes a day breathing deep into your pelvic floor and connecting to your sexual organs.

If you’re a man, take that breath to your perineum. If you’re a woman, send that breath to your cervix (and definitely see my article on cervical orgasms). Regardless of what gender you identify as, send that breath to the areas you the bring you the most pleasure.

If you're struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction, please check out our free class with Isa Herrara during Post-Birth Control Syndrome Awareness week (begins November 5th).

Ditch Your Hormonal Birth Control.

It is well recognized hormonal birth control crashes women’s libidos. If you’re currently struggling with a birth control related libido crisis then I invite you to download my Post-Birth Control Syndrome Quick Start Guide and get that libido back asap!

Clinically I have found that women who lose their libido with birth control stand no chance at getting it back until they say buy-bye for good.

Research has shown that hormonal birth control, like the pill, alters the genetics of your liver and may permanently result in a lifelong missing libido. However, as a physician who has treated thousands of women with post-birth control syndrome, I can assure you it is possible to reclaim your sex drive.

Wear Orange Underwear.

Yes, you read that right. Orange is all about the sacral chakra baby and that is where all the fun time goes down. This is a practice that many of my patients swear by. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

All the Ashwagandha.

Orgasms, arousal, lubrication, and sexual satisfaction all increase when using this herb. How amazing is that? Aim for 100 mg daily for at least 2 months. In my practice, we use Ashwagandha along with other adaptogenic herbs to support health adrenal function. If you're struggling with libido, I highly recommend my Optimal Adrenal supplement kit, which contains 3 supplements to support healthy hormone production and nourish your system.

Try Topical DHEA.

DHEA has been shown to improve vaginal lubrication, pelvic floor muscles, and the quality of orgasms. Some women benefit from applying DHEA directly to their clitoris and vagina. Best way to know if this is right for you is to meet with your doctor for complete hormone testing. Here's the DHEA I recommend.

Bump Your B Vitamins.

B Vitamins are essential to creating balanced hormones, like the kind that support a healthy libido. Choose a B Complex that contains 50 mg niacin, 250 mcg methylcobalamin, 50 mg B6. In my medical practice we use B-Active Plus for women.

Leverage L-arginine.

This little amino acid aids in blood vessel dilation and can improve blood flow to your genitals. Aim for about 500-1,00 mg daily.

Try Tribulus.

Tribulus has been shown to increase both DHEA and testosterone levels. Aim for 90-250 mg two to three times daily. 

Where to Start with Supplements?

There are a lot of different supplements that can help women reclaim their libido and boos their sex drive. I generally recommend women in my clinic begin with a comprehensive B complex, like B-Active Plus and Adrenal Support. Both of these can help optimize hormonal health, including supporting healthy testosterone levels.

As mentioned above, Ashwagandha, can also be tremendously beneficial for women's hormones over all. That's why it is included in the Adrenal Calm supplement. If you're struggling with your libido, I recommend trying the Optimal Adrenal kit for at least 2-3 months to support healthy hormone production, reduce stress response, and boost energy.

The adrenal glands are responsible to producing DHEA, which is then converted to testosterone. When the adrenals are happy, our body naturally maintains progesterone production, which also enhances our libido. By caring for your adrenals you create more energy, more stamina, and a healthy sex drive. Win!

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