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Embrace Your Moon Cycle

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Full moon period or ovulation? Let me know who you are in the comments! This is the last full moon of 2018. And it is a big one!

Full moon is here and girl, this is your time to shine! Let that moon turn up the lights like a little Kayne & Rhianna. You know that jam…”turn up the lights in here baby, extra bright I want ya'll to see this.”

Get real and get honest. This is the last shot in 2018.

Full Moon 2018 in December

Stop looking outside yourself. You won't find what you need anywhere else, but within. And yes, it might hurt, it might suck, and it might be uncomfortable, but it will definitely be worth it.

This moon is lighting up the feminine and preparing us all for the coming year. Whatever went down in 2018 is NOT YOU. It just is. It was a lesson. It was an opportunity. But not even for a minute was it a definition of you as the divine being you are.

Rolling Out of the Full Moon Know This

You are meant for something greater.

You are meant to rise above.

You are meant to stand as a collective with your sisters because together, we heal this planet, we heal ourselves, and we change humanity for the better.

As I share in Beyond the Pill, the way we cycle with the moon can say a lot about us and where we are at currently in our life. This audio is me reading from Chapter 2 in the book!

The Full Moon Tells Us It Is Time to Move

I, for one, have ZERO time for waiting for a research paper to believe women's stories. I have no time to wait for the general dogma to accept that what I speak is truth. I have no time or patience for anyone who thinks they know how to live someone else's life better than them.

And in 2019, I will throw down!

You will throw down!

I will heal.

You will heal.

I will get my child back!

I will step fully into my purpose.

And you will know exactly what it is you came here for!

The Time to Apologize Was Never

And I will not apologize for believing women's stories, for supporting the change we need in women's medicine, and for enabling my sisters to heal.

And you will no longer apologize for needing that self care, for not getting the joke that was at your expense or for being who you are, which is incredible. Oh, and if you didn't know, can you write that down! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

Women are the caretakers of the human race. Through them our entire species thrives. Without them, our entire species ceases to exist.

You never need to birth your own human to be a part of the collective that ensures our species survives.

I stand with you. I stand with humanity. And I am dreaming of a world so damn beautiful that it can't not happen. Because we all need it!

Hello full moon! Thank you for making me vulnerable, for letting me bear my soul, and for always being there shinning bright even on the nights I think the darkness might swallow me whole.

2018 Didn't Hurt You

It didn't own you. It did nothing to you. It only moved you closer to your purpose. So as much as it may hurt, as much as you may hate it, we all need to be grateful for it.

But you're gonna hear from people who spin the stories…”2018 is the worst, I can't wait for 2019.”

You know what I'm talking about and I want you to know this: those same people who blame a year and think a new arbitrary date will change anything are in denial. The date, the year, the month, it all may change, but if you don't, then you can expect more of the same.

If you're bleeding then I know you're feeling the rally cry. And if you're ovulating, you're letting it sink in and channeling deep.
We each have our strengths, which connect us to the moon in different ways. There is no wrong. There is only you. And you were perfect from the day anyone thought about you coming into existence.
Menstruating or ovulating, either way, you're perfect. #drjolenebrighten
Let me know in the comments below, are you a full moon period gal or ovulator!

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