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Is your body in need of a mini-reboot? Is a little Post Holiday Detox in order? 

Overindulging in food, stressed from holiday travel or maybe having one too many glasses of wine are one of many reasons you may be feeling fatigued, bloated and moody.

Feeling awful around the holidays is the worst… actually, feeling that way anytime of year is the worst!

And it can be discouraging.

When you’ve been striving to restore your hormonal health, eliminate PMS, create a chill mood, manage your PCOS, nourish your adrenals, and support your thyroid these “bumps in the road” can feel like a major set back.

It can feel like you’re never going to feel that energy you once had…never experience clear skin, a full head of hair, feeling happy, having easy predictable periods, and a noticeable libido.

And it can feel unfair.

Unfair, because we look around and see all of these other women who seem to have their hormones all figured out.

These feelings can make us just want to give up.

But I don’t want you giving up! You deserve to have all the energy, happiness, and hormone freedom your body has to offer!

So today I want to share with you a couple of strategies to give your body that mini-reboot it is just begging for… yes, all those symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that it needs help ASAP!

Here are the two most common hormone disrupting holiday habits and how to reset your body:

Sugar + Carb Detox

You may have just created a blood sugar nightmare in your body with those mashed potatoes, rolls and pie. Simple carbs and sugars (of any kind) cause your blood sugar to spike and crash…which hits your adrenals like a semi-truck…crash!

What follows is fatigue, irritability, acne, mood swings, cramps, and more… for months after.

The foods you consume today can cause hormone imbalances for many months.

How to Recover:

Take a 24-hour grain-free, sugar-free vacay! Give your body permission to reset the blood sugar cycle.

Here’s a sample menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with coconut oil, fresh arugula with olive oil and vinegar

Lunch: Turkey with sautéed kale or other greens

Dinner: Large salad with lots of greens and protein of your choice

In need of a serious sugar fix? Add roasted sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips, butternut squash to your greens for a quick fix.

Alcohol Detox

Sure one glass of wine won’t hurt…but 3, 4, or more could cause some serious hormone chaos in your body. And this goes for ciders, beers, sugary cocktails too…which are actually worse because they combine alcohol and sugar!

Alcohol has been shown to increase estrogen levels, leading to estrogen dominance. It also increases the burden on your liver, which makes hormones worse.

Your liver is responsible for processing hormones and is a big reason why detoxes work so well. When you support your detox pathways and your liver, your body is not only better equipped to remove excess hormones, it is also better at making the hormones you need!

How to Recover:

Begin the day with warm water and lemon juice. Today is about hydration and a whole lot of liver love!

Sip coconut water or filtered water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt throughout the day. I recommend filling up a water bottle or mason jar and tracking your water throughout the day.

Try this hydrating recipe from the Hormone Revolution Detox program that has helped hundreds of women optimize their hormones, get clearer skin, banish the brain fog, and boost their energy.

Hormone Revolution Serious Detox Juice:

Spinach, 1-2 cups

Carrot, small

Dr. Brighten getting a little detox love post workout with a delicious green juice.

Dr. Brighten getting a little detox love post workout with a delicious green juice.

Celery, 3-4 stalks

Cucumber, half

Cilantro, half a bunch

Parsley, one 3rd a bunch

Lemon juice from half a lemon

Half an apple

Fresh ginger, 1 tablespoon

Fresh turmeric, 2 teaspoons

Put all ingredients into a Blend-Tech blender or process through a juicer and enjoy.

Vitamin C is also essential for the body to naturally detox. Bell peppers, strawberries, and oranges are some excellent foods to include to support detox on this day.

Quick Fixes Are Not Long Term Solutions  

While these mini-detox strategies can provide a quick fix during the holidays, they will not solve all of your hormone problems.

I know, that’s a real bummer. I wish I could tell you that one day would eliminate all those unwanted symptoms for good.

But what I can tell you is you can reset your hormones in as little as 21 days… and feel a whole lot better while doing it.

Are you experiencing any of these top hormone imbalance symptoms?

  • Lack of energy
  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression
  • Hot flashes or cold intolerance
  • Pain, difficult periods
  • PMS
  • Difficulty losing and gaining weight
  • Acne, rashes
  • Low libido
  • Hair loss, dry brittle hair
  • Difficulty becoming pregnant

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important that you take steps towards eliminating them…quick!

Most women think their hormone symptoms are annoying because they…

  • Make you feel bloated and uncomfortable in your clothes
  • Make you feel irritable, angry and at the mercy of stress
  • And they make you dread half the month

But what they don’t realize is…

  • Hormone imbalances can cause irreversible hair loss and damage to your skin
  • They can disrupt your personal relationships
  • And they can cause uterine fibroid, breast lumps, heavy bleeding and even cancer

The worst part?

These symptoms are a signal of a much larger problem happening in the body — symptoms that are often dismissed by conventional doctors because they are just too complicated to address. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of hormone imbalance, I can almost guarantee you have other health complaints too.

Your body isn’t working properly.

And while you might not be too concerned with some of these symptoms, you should be.

If you figure out the root cause, it will typically spur healing in all the other complaints you are having.  

Introducing: Hormone Revolution Detox Program

Hormones can be really tricky. And more often than not, women come to me after other practitioners have failed to help them. Why? Because hormones are complicated and require some short-term (like the mini-detox resets above) AND long-term strategies to get them back into balance.

Not only that, but so many women I’ve worked with find short-term relief from things like pain killers, birth control, and other medications…but they don’t realize how dependence on these can make things worse in the long-term.

That’s why focusing on short-term and long-term strategies together, along with healing the root cause of your hormone symptoms are the most important steps. And I want to share them with you.

The Hormone Revolution Detox Program Takes Place in 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Toxin Removal + Mindful Body Awareness for Rapid Healing

You’ll learn how to maximize your health and balance your hormones faster using proven supplements* to enhance the process. If you’ve been experiencing low energy, moods, libido, or painful periods it is important to provide your body with all of the support it needs. It’s time to create a total package to support your body with a 21 Day Reset.

You’ll begin with a gentle, food-based liver cleanse. This will provide the body with supportive nutrients and is designed to prepare the body for phase 2 detox.

During this time, gentle detox practices will be introduced, along with instructions to help you get started.

And we’ll get you tuned into your body. You’ll start making shifts to bring more awareness to how you feel and how you go about your day.

*Supplements are not required for participation.

Phase 2: Restore & Regenerate Cells to Balance Hormones

In Phase 2 we’ll begin incorporating healing to support liver health and natural elimination of waste.

  1. You’ll start the day with a delicious hormone healing protein based smoothie for breakfast.
  2. Lunch is focused on ample vegetables and protein with healthy hormone balancing fats.
  3. Enjoy a detox enhancing meal for dinner.


Phase 3: Transition to a Hormone Loving Diet

In the final step, I’ll teach you how to understand which foods might be at the root of your hormone symptoms.

You’ll be given a guide and symptom tracker to help you understand the very best foods for you and keep you on track to heal your hormones, boost your energy and bring balance to your life.

At each step of the detox protocol you will be:

  • Stabilizing blood sugar (the secret to happy hormones)
  • Improving estrogen production and elimination
  • Restoring adrenal health
  • Enhancing your energy
  • Harmonizing your hormone balance

This is NOT just another detox…

Far from it!

I used to be really skeptical of detoxes and cleanses.

But then I gave it a try. I took a full 21 days to give my body time to reset. And you know what…

I felt amazing! Energy, mood, libido, and excitement for life were all up.

And it got me to thinking… what if we could take this detox business to the next level? What if I could design a program that addresses the whole woman and provides support for the most crucial areas in need of realignment.

We're talking about more than just diet here… In the Hormone Revolution Detox we'll be leveraging mind-body practices, daily detox rituals and stress reducing techniques to address the whole woman.

After working with many women in my clinic to determine what were the most effective and absolutely essential steps in transforming hormone health I have created the most comprehensive hormone balancing program out there. 

And I’m happy to share with you that after many years of helping thousands of women, I have now developed a program that is not only effective at providing you short-term solutions to feel better, but it also gives you the long-term strategies you need to maintain amazing hormones for life!

If you’d more like step-by-step strategies to reduce, eliminate, and even reverse your bothersome hormone symptoms – without prescription drugs…

Click here to learn more about the Hormone Revolution Detox Program.

Look forward to continuing to support you in creating the most amazing hormones.

Dr. Jolene Brighten

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