Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief

Allergies prove to be a problem for millions of people every year. Unfortunately, little relief is found through over-the-counter and prescription drugs. And often, people find themselves taking several at a time for the multiple symptoms they are experiencing.

The symptoms you experience during allergy season or with common every day allergens, such as mold, dander and dust mites, are the result of your immune system over reacting to these triggers. When these allergens contact your mucus membranes, they cause histamine and other chemicals to be released. Histamine is what leads to watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and itching. It is all an attempt to get the allergen out of the body. It is only after you begin to experience symptoms that the common allergy relief medications are able to provide some relief. Wouldn't it be nice not to be reliant on several pharmaceuticals to provide allergy relief?

By being proactive with your allergies you can reduce or even prevent symptoms before they ever start. 

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Rinse away allergens during your morning shower or at the end of your day with a saline solution. The salt in the solution will also help reduce swelling of the nasal turbinates (inside your nose), which will reduce congestion.

Limit Allergen Exposure
Avoid driving with your windows down or running a fan in your bedroom window. Both of these actions can pull more allergens into your breathing space and make symptoms worse. Also consider using a lint roller when you come into your house to remove allergens from your clothing. If your allergies are really bad, toss your clothes in the wash immediately when you get home and change into fresh clothes.

This bioflavonoid helps stabilize the cells that release histamine. That means it prevents histamine, or at least large amounts of it, from being released. Quercetin is found in apples, broccoli, nettles, parsley and citrus fruits. If you suffer from intense seasonal allergies, you will most likely need a supplement of quercetin and other nutrients to really get your cells under control.


Berries are an excellent source of nutrients that can help reduce allergy symptoms.


I recommend that people start treating their allergies 6 weeks before the season begins. But don't worry if you have already begun sneezing this year, there is still hope for relief from your allergies.

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor I look at each individual's triggers and work with them to shift their immune system to be less sensitive while also providing symptom relief. I utilize diet therapy, nutritional supplements, herbal formulas, probiotics and other therapies  to help patients experience lasting relief from their seasonal allergies.

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