Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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The holidays are an awesome opportunity to support those you love! Giving a gift that encourages health is the ultimate gesture that you care.  

Here’s a list of some of my favorite healthy holiday gifts to create great health!

Hormone Loving Personal Care

Balance by Dr. Brighten. I formulated this product for all around great hormone support and to balance estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Plus, it has adrenal supportive nutrients to make the holiday a little bit easier! Learn more here.

Hormone Revolution Detox. 21 days to better moods, energy, and periods with this comprehensive hormone detox program. Learn more here. 

Daysy Fertility Monitor. I have a few ladies in my life who’ve had their eye on this lady specific gadget. Daysy can help you master your cycles so you can choose to get pregnant or not. Check out Daysy here. 

Anne Marie Gianni. I’m a big fan of herbs in my skin care and I’ve found that this company is always a hit. Gift anything with Calendula and they’ll be adoring you for life! Get yours here. 

Paleo Detox Kit. This kit is complete with everything needed to give your hormones some serious fine tuning. Learn more here. Vegetarian? Try my Plant-Based Detox!

Trigger Point Foam Roller. Know someone who could use a massage? This little guy can help roll out those aches and pains in no time. Check it out here. 

Berkey Shower Filter. This shower filter reduces exposure to harmful chemicals like chlorine, while also filter bacteria, molds, and algae. Learn about it here.

Foot Massage Ball. Got a special someone who always asks for a foot massage…oh wait! That’s me always asking! Maybe that’s why I love this item so much. At the end of the day you can treat yourself to a special foot massage. See massage ball here.

For The Healthy Chef in Your Life

Berkey Water Filter. One of the best all around filters for home or office. This is what I keep in my home! Check out Berkey's travel model too!

Nutribullet. Obsessed. That’s pretty much the word I’d use to describe the people in my life who love their Nutribullet. It really does make life in the kitchen a little easier. See Nutribullet here. 

Spiralizer. Anyone in your life that needs to kick gluten will love you for this. Zoodles!!! Yes, please!  Learn more here. 

VitaClay Organic Multicooker. Want a healthy meal quick? Get in and get out with the VitaClay. In a VitaClay pot, your food is always free from added non-stick chemical glazes, lead and aluminum. The VitaClay is good for bone broth, yogurt, stews and more. Learn about it here. 

Blendtec Blender. I love this blender because it makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more! Check it out here. 

Mind + Body = Zen

Amber Glasses. Well maybe not the sexiest of gifts, amber glasses promote healthy hormones, like melatonin and promote better sleep. I’m pretty sure that makes them sex all by themselves! See them here. 

Muse Meditation.  Taking bliss to a whole new level! The Muse Meditation device helps you get dialed in on your meditation quick. Got someone in your life who is need of a little more Zen? This is a their present! See it here. 

The 5-Minute Journal. Start your day with 5 minutes of freedom! Doesn’t that sound good? This is a great gift for anyone on your list! Check it out here.

Essential Oil Diffuser. This is a great gift for just about anyone since it helps promote relaxation and health. My favorite oils during winter are cinnamon, frankincense, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Learn more here. 

Car Essential Oil Diffuser. I love this gift because you can turn it on and feel a whole lot more chill in the car within minutes. See it here. 

Adult Coloring Books. I must admit…I LOVE these. This is a little chill time that helps lower stress hormones and get you exercising the creative side of your brain. See designs here. 

Manduka Yoga Mat. Get your flow on, drop stress and show the rainforest some love at the same time! You won’t find health harming PVC or harmful plastics in this yoga mat! Read about it here. 

For Your #1 Foodie!

Thrive Market. Give a gift card to the top online natural food store with tons of organic options. Makes everyone's New Year's resolutions a little easier! 😉 Gift cards here.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir. Mushrooms support hormone, adrenal and brain health! These tasty beverages are a great gift for the health minded, tea lover, or adventurous foodie. Use this link to get an additional 10% off (they are offering as much as 50% this weekend!).

Butcher Box. A month’s worth of high quality protein will have this lucky person thinking about you all month long. When I send a Butcher Box I generally opt for the Classic Box as a gift option.

Desert Farms Camel Milk. Not just for the adventurous foodie, camel’s milk is actually what I gave my son when we found out he had a dairy sensitivity.Turns out there are many people who report they can enjoy camel’s milk when cow’s dairy causes sensitivity.  Check out Camel's Milk here

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. This is a fun try for the coffee lover in your life or anyone looking to up level their coffee game! It is also a great addition to those wanting to up level their mental performance. Check it out here.  

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth. Whoah! From November 22-28 they are offering 30% off their bone broth. I know, I’m excited too. I send bone broth to my family members every holiday season because it is a winter staple in my mind. 😉   Kettle and Fire uses 100% grass-fed, organic and pasture-grazed marrow ones from cows, along with organic vegetables, salt and herbs to create a delicious and healing broth. Check out their new flavor here. 

Kombucha Kit. Get your fermentation on! I find this is a great gift for just about any age because who doesn’t love making their own tasty beverage? This kit makes it easy to brew.

Tea Infuser. Who doesn’t need a cute tea infuser? Check out this super fun way to take your herbs everyday! Super cute tea infuser here!

Great Lakes Gelatin Travel Packs. I always have a pack or two of these with me. Gelatin is a great source of glycine, which promotes a state of calm and the health of your skin! Get your to go packs here! 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and gratitude! 

Dr. Jolene Brighten 

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