Doctor’s Orders: Should I Stop Drinking Coffee?

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In my practice, get asked about coffee nearly every day. “Should I stop drinking coffee” is one of the most common questions I get. Often, my patients assume I'll tell them to stop drinking coffee and are surprised when I tell them that it depends on their unique situation. Coffee has many health benefits, including lowering the risk of liver cancer, but what is important for us to understand is how your body responds to coffee..

Should I Stop Drinking Coffee?

Here are 3 reasons to consider reducing or eliminating coffee:

You're Dependent on It for Energy

You NEED it to get up in the morning or through the day. This may be a sign of a larger, underlying issue. If you feel you can't go without coffee you may want to consider taking a break or addressing other health issues.

It Aggravates Your Nervous System

You feel anxious or jittery after drinking it. Some people don't metabolize caffeine as well as others. If you already suffer from anxiety and coffee makes it worse, please opt for decaf. This is a solid answer to the question, Should I stop drinking coffee…as in yes, you probably should.

You Have Gut Symptoms When You Drink It

You get a stomach ache or have diarrhea after drinking. This is a clue from your intestines that coffee does not agree with you. It may also be from your creamer, so you can try switching to black, but if the problem persists you should probably find another morning beverage.

It's no secret that I love coffee. If you're drinking it, please make sure it's of the highest quality (no K cup action).

A quick note on K cups

The plastic housing for the coffee is No. 7, meaning it is a mix of plastics and we don't really know what is in them. While some have argued that the BPA exposure is low, the coffee is still passing through plastic. Many plastics have the ability to disrupt your hormones and at the end of the day, we don't really know what they are doing in our body. For theses reasons, I ask my patients to avoid K cups.

Should I stop drinking coffee? Well, if it is K cups then I'd recommend you at least make a switch to a higher quality form.

You can also take steps to leverage the health benefits of coffee. Learn more about how to make your morning cup of coffee a little healthier. Check out this post.

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Choose organic coffee when possible.

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