Natural Solutions for Cysts, Fibroids, and Endometriosis

with Melissa Ramos

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What You'll Learn
  • What causes cysts, fibroids, and endo
  • The essential steps you must take for better hormones
  • Insights from the “poop whisper”

About Your Speaker: Melissa Ramos

Melissa Ramos is the whip-smart women’s health expert behind Sexy Food Therapy, where she helps women balance their hormones and digestion for regular periods (and poops)! As a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine, she uses a three-pronged approach of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to help her clients heal. In addition to sharing innovative tips and recipes via her own hilarious You Tube videos, Melissa is a health expert for CTV’s The Social, a TEDx Speaker, an official health writer for the Huffington Post, and was named one of Canada’s rising stars in the health industry by Flare magazine. When she’s not helping her online community of over 600 “Ballers” heal their hormones in her signature program Sexy Lady Balls, you can find Melissa getting her sweat on, spending time outdoors, or creating a delicious, hormone-healthy recipe.


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