21 Day Detox

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Welcome! I am so excited you are here.

You are taking the first steps towards increasing your energy, elevating your mood and eliminating unwanted hormone symptoms.

We’ll begin with a gentle food based cleanse to prepare your body and mind for the full 21 day detox. I have used this detox program many times with my patients and have found that a little preparation means you experience improved hormonal balance and ditch your symptoms quick!

Women who have gone through the detox in my clinic have experienced elimination of PMS symptoms, increase in energy, improvement in mood, a return of their sex drive, and increased fertility!

By leveraging functional medicine, clinical nutrition, mind-body medicine we can effectively shift your hormones into a state of bliss! This is the foundation of what I practice in my clinic and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Let’s begin this healing journey!

Dr. Jolene Brighten


During the first week of the21 Day Detox program we begin planning to ensure success during the Restore phase of the program. You’ll find a shopping list, meal plans, recipes, and a guide that will support you through this detox journey.

Restore: Week One

We’ll be ramping up our detox friendly foods and eating large amounts of nutrient rich vegetables and fruits, sipping green drinks, and adopting daily health practices to bring your body back into balance. Don’t be surprised if within the first week you need to take a day or two to slow down and rest as your body works to eliminate toxins and restore balance. After that first week is when most women begin to see their energy and mood lift and their skin begins to glow.


This is where you become your own medical detective. We’ll be reintroducing foods and transitioning to a hormone loving lifestyle that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

Hormone Troubleshooting

In this final week you will be given access to information that will help you troubleshoot your specific hormonal needs to continue your success in creating incredible health.