Birth Control Hormone Reset

How to get your mood, skin, period, and libido back to normal after birth control without losing more hair or sleep


How to get your mood, skin, period, and libido back to normal after birth control without losing more hair or sleep

So you broke up with birth control and now your hormones are a hot mess?

You got on it to make your periods normal but now they’re non-existent (or horrific)

I see this in my clinic every day and I gotta tell you, it’s not uncommon for periods to disappear for years only to come back with a vengeance. But heavy, painful, clotty periods don’t have to keep you from friends, school or work.

You got on it to fix your acne (or had clear skin before), but now you don’t recognize your face

Whether it was pre-pill acne or post, you can create glowing skin that doesn’t break out or get worse before every period. For realz!

After getting off birth control you’ve lost hair, sleep and your libido

If you’ve lost your libido and are looking to recover your sex drive, it is possible to get in the mood and actually enjoy sex again (not to mention sleep normally and regrow your hair.)

If on top of all of this you’ve got
mood swings, anxiety, depression, numbness or brain fog,
I invite you to join...

The Birth Control Hormone Reset™

Reverse the side effects of birth control in 5 weeks

Get The Birth Control Hormone Reset for just $297

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Lay the foundation for fertility

Preserve your fertility so when you’re ready to have children, your body is ready, too. And if you’re ready now, learn the first steps to prepare your body to conceive.

Learn the blueprint for normal periods

If you’ve been off the pill for a while and your period still hasn’t come back, learn the medical protocol required to get your period back WITHOUT more prescriptions.

Get your moods and brain back to normal

So you can keep your job, partner and friends. If your mood hasn’t been right since starting or stopping hormones, learn how to think clearly, chill out and enjoy life again.

Get Your Period Back!

After 4 years of struggling, trying "everything," and countless doctors and fertility experts telling her she would never have a period again Katy got her period back using the steps outlined in this program. 

      60% of women on birth control were prescribed it to treat the symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

      But birth control does not fix hormone imbalances.
      It only suppresses symptoms.

      Meet Dr. Jolene Brighten, the world’s leading authority on Post-Birth Control Syndrome and the long term side effects of birth control...

      Dr. Jolene BrightenI was a chronic pill user.

      Yup, this gal did 10 years on the pill and suffered a lot of grief as a result. Now don’t get me wrong, the pill was definitely instrumental to me even becoming a doc. But even so, I really wish someone told me just how badly one little pill could wreck my body.

      Back when I ditched the pill, I had no clue why my period vanished, why I suddenly had adult acne (WTF!?!?), and why I wanted to rage so hard the week before my period when it finally started coming back. It was rough.

      Thankfully I was immersed in a medical school education that taught me that my body can heal and how to heal. Leveraging my background as a nutritional biochemist along with my medical school insights, I was able to get my period back, say buh-bye to my PMS, and felt pretty chill the week before my period, especially because my breakouts stopped.  

      Fast forward to my first year in private practice when my big “aha” hit—

      Women everywhere were getting wrecked by these hormones.

      That’s when I started to research and track patient data.

      Through my clinical experience as a physician, I developed The Brighten Protocol™ to help women reverse the effects of Post-Birth Control Syndrome and eliminate their dependency on the pill.

      (No, you don’t actually have to suppress your hormones every day to feel amazing in your body.)

      This program has the absolute essentials to come off hormonal contraceptives, restore your hormonal health and get your badass self back!

      It’s what I give my ladies from day one in my clinic and I want to let you in on all that hormone goodness too!

      I’m considered an internationally recognized expert in Post-Birth Control Syndrome and the long term consequences and side effects of hormonal contraception. I’ve poured through countless research studies, worked with thousands of women, and will now share with you the best information I’ve found to help you reset your hormones fast!

      Post-Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS) is real.
      I’ve helped women recover for years in my clinical practice.
      Now I want to help YOU.

      Get it today for just $297!

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      What you learn in 5 weeks...

      I’ve helped thousands of women break up with birth control and maintain their sanity through it. In this program I’ll teach you the tools I developed in my private clinical practice to reset your hormones.

      • Discover What Your Symptoms Mean + What To Do About Them
        • All those symptoms may seem like total chaos now, but they’re actually valuable clues to your hormonal health. I’ll show you how to interpret this data to eliminate symptoms.
        • You’ll receive practical tools that work for headaches, cramps, PMS and more.
        • I’ll show you the major systems the pill and other hormonal contraceptives effect.
      • The Foundational Steps I Use with Private Practice Patients Coming Off the Pill
        • You’ll get the same done-for-you tools I’ve used to help thousands of women conceive, clear their skin, get their libido back, shrink cysts and stabilize their periods.
        • I’ll share what you need to know about being on the pill and safely coming off hormones.
      • An intro to the Brighten Protocol Diet™ for Post-Birth Control Syndrome
        • You’ll get a done-for-you Meal Plan + Recipe Guide from the Brighten Protocol Diet™ to help you nourish your body with delicious whole food meals.
        • I’ll show you how to create better moods, more energy, and easy, predictable periods using food and supplements.
        • You’ll get detailed instructions on how to eat to balance hormones at different stages of your cycle.
      • The Birth Control Detox Essentials
        • You’ll learn what to do now to detoxify excess hormones from your body and the secret connection between detoxification and incredible hormones.
        • We’ll review which professional grade supplements every woman should consider when coming off hormonal contraceptives.
        • I’ll teach the lifestyle changes and practices required to support the detoxification pathways in the body.
        • We’ll cover what women with autoimmune disease should know about the pill.
        • You’ll receive 2 meal plans + recipes during your detox phase.
      • Fertility Boosters (and Prevention)
        • I’ll share doctor-approved non-hormonal alternatives to safely avoid pregnancy.
        • You’ll learn what every woman must know about getting pregnant after the pill.
        • I’ll reveal fertility boosting practices to boost your chances of conceiving.

      How it works...

      I’ll provide you the exact information you need when you need it over 5 weeks so you can start reversing your symptoms immediately.

      Daily Support and Instruction over 5 weeks

      • Daily email with instructions on video and mp3 so you know exactly what you should do to reverse your symptoms.
      • Recorded Q&A sessions with some of the most common questions about getting off birth control, periods and balancing hormones.
      • Audio files and videos for you to view on-the-go, on any device (laptop, tablet or phone.)
      • Handouts, checklists, and guides with shortcuts and reminders to make this easy to implement.
      • Get your questions answered: you’ll become a member of our private online community where my Functional Nutrition Practitioners are ready to support you.

      Flexible, Affordable, Accessible

      • Unlimited access to resources and updates for one year after purchase.
      • Bonus discounts and surprises from my favorite lady friendly companies.

      Get it all for just $297!

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      14-Day Risk-Free Trial

      I know this program gets women’s hormones back on track. If that doesn’t happen for you I’m happy to give your money back. All you have to do is drop me a note at [email protected] telling me how long you committed to the course and what didn’t work for you.

      Support Your Body On The Pill!

      Jennifer is finally feeling empowered and confident to ditch the pill with the help of this program. After struggling with PCOS, migraines, SIBO and more, Jennifer's doctor's only solution was for her to never have a period again!

      Women Just Like You Have Gotten Their Periods Back to Normal

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      You are not alone. You CAN heal your body.

      Is This For You?

      • Have you been prescribed the pill as a “medicine” to manage symptoms of hormonal imbalance?
      • Have you gotten off birth control but can trace the onset of your health issues back to the pill?
      • Are you currently dealing with side effects that just won’t go away even though you’ve been off birth control for months, years?
      • Are you scared to get off the pill because your period is too heavy or painful?
      • Has your period been MIA since getting off the pill?
      • Were you told birth control was the only (or best) option for your PCOS, acne, cysts, painful, heavy, missing periods?

      Do you want to

      • Get pregnant now or preserve your fertility for the future?
      • Recover your sex drive to help your relationship or finally have kids?
      • Not feel so dependent on birth control and balance hormones naturally?
      • Stop feeling like your hormones (and symptoms) are ruining your life?
      • Correct mood imbalances that occurred once starting or stopping hormones?

      Who this is Not For

      • Women who don’t want to make diet or lifestyle changes to transform their hormones.
      • Women who would rather use hormones to suppress their symptoms instead of tracking their symptoms and using supplements. (No judgement if that’s you. I just want to be honest here.)
      • Post-menopausal women or women diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.
      • And yeah, no dudes. Sorry fellas, this stuff ain’t for you. But if you want to support your lady we are all for it!
      • Anyone not willing to do the work. Real Talks. You’re only going to benefit if you’re willing to invest in yourself. (I’m betting on you BTW!)
      Don't wait, get it now for just $297!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      This course is designed for women who are in need of a quick reset post-birth control or are not ready to commit to a longer program. This program can and does get results with a shorter time commitment.

      My PBCRx course is a more in depth approach to recovering after birth control. We’ve had many women participate in our Birth Control Hormone Reset and then decide to move into the 10 week PBCRx course to gain a greater insight into their hormone health. Within the PBCRx we take a deeper dive into your hormones, adrenals, thyroid and gut health. The courses are designed to compliment each other so that women can enjoy both and are also designed to maximize your hormone health.

      Both courses can also help support you if you choose to remain on birth control.