The Secret to Balanced Hormones, Natural Fertility, and Healthy Periods WITHOUT hormonal birth control


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  • Learn how hormones work (and why they break down so you can repair them)
    Know enough about your body to ask the right questions when you go to the doctor, and manage your hormones naturally in between visits.
  • Boost your libido and hair growth
    If you’ve been losing hair on your head only to regrow it in all the wrong places, this course will help you reverse that trend (and boost your sex-drive in the process.)
  • Correct painful, irregular, heavy periods and cysts once and for all
    Whether it’s PCOS or a different diagnosis that caused you to get on birth control, I can show you how to reverse the symptoms that caused the initial problem.
  • Clear up painful and embarrassing acne, backne, and neckne
    Cystic acne can ruin your self esteem, not to mention the pain and discomfort of it. What you’ll learn in this course can help you clear up the skin on your face, back and neck — for good.
  • Fix your moods, anxiety and insomnia so you can feel normal again
    If you get teary for no reason, melt down on your partner and friends, feel short-tempered at work and checkout lines, can’t sleep, and are anxious and worried all the time, this course can help you finally feel sane again.
  • Prepare your body to conceive
    Whether you want to have a baby or not, the ability to conceive is a sign of optimal health for a woman. You don’t have to want a baby right now to want your body to function at its best.
  • Prevent pregnancy naturally
    If you just can’t do the hormones anymore but you need a birth control method that works, you’ll learn it here. No more putting your body at risk while preventing pregnancy, no more risking pregnancy to avoid birth control side effects.

    Get your period and your hormones back to normal… even if they were never normal to begin with

    What You Get with the Post-Birth Control Rx™

    10 Hormone-Correcting Modules to fix Post-Birth Control Syndrome

    (Program begins April 30th, 2018)

    Week 1: Birth Control Basics

    Everything your doctor never told you about birth control — reasons to use it, reasons not to, side effects when you get on and when you go off hormonal birth control. I’ll also cover safe alternatives so you know how to effectively prevent or become pregnant — without synthetic hormones.

    Week 2: The Root Cause of Hormone Imbalance

    This is where I cover the root causes of your hormonal imbalance so you can understand why you may have been prescribed birth control in the first place. I’ll also show you how to get off hormonal birth control safely with minimal side effects. You'll also receive guidance in personalizing your supplements based on your hormone needs.

    Week 3: Brighten Protocol™ Diet

    Many of the root causes of hormonal imbalance start with foods that upset our endocrine system. I’ll cover which foods harm and which foods heal and why so you can kiss the skin and period issues goodbye. Bonus: recipes and meal plans to help you stay on track.

    Week 4: Rebuild Your Microbiome

    In order to properly heal your hormones, you have to heal your gut, including pill-induced leaky gut. In this module I explain why and show you how. You’ll also get personalized supplement recommendations based on your gut's needs.

    Week 5: PMS, Mood, Cramps and Sleep

    If you’ve struggled with cramps, PMS, headaches/migraines, or other forms of inflammation that come and go with your period, I’ll show you how to heal it and improve your blood sugar through healing your adrenal gland.

    Week 6: Period Problems: Solved

    No periods (amenorrhea), painful periods (dysmenorrhea), heavy periods (menorrhagia), are all covered in-depth in this week. I'll also share the role your thyroid plays when it comes to managing your periods and how to make sure it's working for you instead of against you…

    Week 7: PBCS Detox Part 1 – Detox Diet Intro

    Getting off the pill isn’t enough. Get the 411 on what these hormones do to your liver and why you need to detox, plus how to do it safely. I’ll also share specific supplements to help your body get back to normal and the best foods to maintain your momentum.

    Week 8: PBCS Detox Part 2 – How to Detox Your Environment

    Real talks? Sometimes it takes more than just food and supplements. There are environmental factors that damage our hormones everyday that many of us aren’t aware of — until now. I’ll show you how to ditch the chemicals that may be causing the period problems once and for all.

    Week 9: Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings

    If you’ve flaked out on life (family, friends, work, significant others, school) #becausehormones this module will help you feel like yourself again. You know, the you that actually enjoys other human beings? We’ll find her and bring her back. For good.

    Week 10: What is Your Period Telling You?

    All the hormone crazy you’ve ever experienced is actually a message from your body. During this week, I’ll show you how to decode what’s happening so you can give your body what it needs and be in the driver’s seat from now on. This is where you'll learn to fine tune, get your cycle synced to the moon, and keep rock'n amazing hormones.


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