Post-Birth Control Rx™

The Secret to Balanced Hormones, Natural Fertility, and Healthy Periods WITHOUT hormonal birth control

Have you gotten off birth control (or still on it) but now your initial symptoms are worse?

Were you on birth control for acne, PCOS, irregular periods, PMS, mood swings, or other issues, and noticed these are worse since getting off birth control? Correcting Post-Birth Control Syndrome doesn’t have to require more prescriptions.


Are your periods a hot mess?

Whether it’s unpredictable, too painful or too heavy, your period doesn’t have to be something you dread. It’s possible to have predictable, pain-free periods that don’t require days off work or multiple changes of clothes. You just need to know what went wrong with your body so you can make it right. I can show you how.

Do you suspect birth control caused more problems than it solved?

If you’re off the pill or thinking about getting off and but heard about Post Birth Control Syndrome (hair loss, missing periods, acne, no libido and more), there is a way to detox your body of the hormones and chemicals so it can go back to your normal.


 This course was built for you. 


Post-Birth Control Rx™

How to Heal from Post-Birth Control Syndrome

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  • Learn how hormones work (and why they break down so you can repair them)
    Know enough about your body to ask the right questions when you go to the doctor, and manage your hormones naturally in between visits.
  • Boost your libido and hair growth
    If you’ve been losing hair on your head only to regrow it in all the wrong places, this course will help you reverse that trend (and boost your sex-drive in the process.)
  • Correct painful, irregular, heavy periods and cysts once and for all
    Whether it’s PCOS or a different diagnosis that caused you to get on birth control, I can show you how to reverse the symptoms that caused the initial problem.
  • Clear up painful and embarrassing acne, backne, and neckne
    Cystic acne can ruin your self esteem, not to mention the pain and discomfort of it. What you’ll learn in this course can help you clear up the skin on your face, back and neck — for good.
  • Fix your moods, anxiety and insomnia so you can feel normal again
    If you get teary for no reason, melt down on your partner and friends, feel short-tempered at work and checkout lines, can’t sleep, and are anxious and worried all the time, this course can help you finally feel sane again.
  • Prepare your body to conceive
    Whether you want to have a baby or not, the ability to conceive is a sign of optimal health for a woman. You don’t have to want a baby right now to want your body to function at its best.
  • Prevent pregnancy naturally
    If you just can’t do the hormones anymore but you need a birth control method that works, you’ll learn it here. No more putting your body at risk while preventing pregnancy, no more risking pregnancy to avoid birth control side effects.

    Get your period and your hormones back to normal… even if they were never normal to begin with

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    Have you experienced medical red-flags:

    Have you said any of these things to your doctor?

    • Something’s not right, this isn’t my body.
    • Should it take this long for my body to go back to normal?
    • Is there something you can give me to stop my hair from falling out?
    • Is it normal to feel like I don’t want to have sex anymore?
    • Why is my skin suddenly breaking out?

    Have you tried to become your own doctor when yours wasn’t listening?

    • ...With late nights googling your symptoms only to discover forums full of other women going through the same things?
    • ...Read abstracts of research papers you didn’t understand only to get more confused?
    • ...Tried multiple supplements, turning yourself into a human guinea pig just to get some relief?

    …If you’re done with experiences like these, meet Dr. Jolene Brighten

    An internationally recognized leading authority on Post-Birth Control Syndrome and the long term side effects of birth control.

    Dr. Jolene BrightenLike so many women, I struggled with my period, too.

    Shortly after I got my period, I started keeping extra clothes in my school locker because my bleeding was so heavy, pads and tampons just weren’t enough. Eventually my doctor decided birth control was the best option for me. And I thought it was a godsend -- no more bleeding for 7-8 days every month, no more packing a change of clothes everywhere I went, and I was pain-free enough to walk.

    But then the mood issues started -- I snapped at people, cried for no reason -- I just wasn’t myself. I also suffered from chronic inflammation, deep depression and gastrointestinal issues. The worst part was losing my libido on the pill in my 20s.

    My doctor didn’t listen.

    When I told my doctor I suspected it was the pill, he told me he doubted it but was willing to “experiment” and give me a different pill. Within 48 hours of switching, I felt normal again; this was my first clue that maybe these hormonal drugs might be more harmful than we knew. During my 10 years on the pill, each of my doctors shrugged off my challenges and told me it was all in my head.

    It took months to get my period back.
    Thankfully I was studying medicine and had a degree in nutritional biochemistry when I got off the pill and lost my period for several months. “It’s fine. Women don’t need to have a period,” my doctor said, but this didn’t seem right to me.

    And the cherry on top of this hormonal chaos? I developed horrific acne.

    So I implemented everything I learned in class and healed myself. I ate all the right foods, took the herbs, you name it. Eventually, my period came back but I was crippled in pain every month. I kept going and eventually, things got 1000% better.

    I developed the Brighten Protocol™ to help women like us recover.

    I started researching the impact of birth control when a girlfriend whose period didn’t come back after the pill wanted a baby. Through my research I discovered almost ALL WOMEN are impacted by the pill in some way, and have worse side effects when they get off.

    I developed the Brighten Protocol™ to help my friend and she (along with many more women) were able to undo the damage caused by birth control and finally conceive.

    The side effects of getting off the pill are what I call Post-Birth Control Syndrome and can last anywhere from several months to several years but they don’t have to -- you can intervene and get your body back to normal (even if it was never normal before the pill.)

    Dr. Jolene Brighten is the founder and medical director of 3 women's health clinics, and currently practices in Portland, OR. She has a dual bachelor's degree in nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutrition.

    Dr. Brighten’s academic work focused on advanced study of the metabolic and nutrient pathways that regulate hormonal function. This makes her uniquely qualified to fine-tune the complex biochemical pathways harmed by birth control. As a Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Physician her clinical focus is on autoimmune disease and hormonal health.

    In addition to documentaries, podcasts and radio shows, you may have seen Dr. Brighten in…


    What You Get with the Post-Birth Control Rx™

    10 Hormone-Correcting Modules to fix Post-Birth Control Syndrome

    Week 1: Birth Control Basics

    Everything your doctor never told you about birth control — reasons to use it, reasons not to, side effects when you get on and when you go off hormonal birth control. I’ll also cover safe alternatives so you know how to effectively prevent or become pregnant — without synthetic hormones.

    Week 2: The Root Cause

    This is where I cover the root causes of your hormonal imbalance so you can understand why you may have been prescribed birth control in the first place. I’ll also show you how to get off hormonal birth control safely with minimal side effects. Bonus: first steps to correcting those root cause imbalances.

    Week 3: Brighten Protocol™ Diet

    Many of the root causes of hormonal imbalance start with foods that upset our endocrine system. I’ll cover which foods harm and which foods heal and why so you can kiss the skin and period issues goodbye. Bonus: recipes and meal plans to help you stay on track.

    Week 4: Rebuild Your Microbiome

    In order to properly heal your hormones, you have to heal your gut. In this module I explain why and show you how. This is where you’ll also get personalized supplement recommendations based on your Module 1 results.

    Week 5: PMS, Mood, Cramps and Sleep

    If you’ve struggled with cramps, PMS, headaches/migraines, or other forms of inflammation that come and go with your period, I’ll show you how to heal it and improve your blood sugar through healing your adrenal gland.

    Week 6: Period Problems: Solved

    No periods (amenorrhea), painful periods (dysmenorrhea), heavy periods (menorrhagia), are all covered in-depth in this week. I'll also share the role your thyroid plays when it comes to managing your periods and how to make sure it's working on for you instead of against you…

    Week 7: PBCS Detox Part 1 – Detox Diet Intro

    Getting off the pill isn’t enough. We’ll cover why you need to detox the synthetic hormones from your system and how to do it safely. I’ll also share specific supplements to help your body get back to normal by purging the pharmaceuticals from cellular storage.

    Week 8: PBCS Detox Part 2 – How to Detox Your Environment

    Real talks? Sometimes it takes more than just food and birth control. There are environmental factors that damage our hormones everyday that many of us aren’t aware of — until now. I’ll show you how to ditch the chemicals that may be causing the period problems once and for all.

    Week 9: Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings

    If you’ve flaked out on life (family, friends, work, significant others, school) #becausehormones this module will help you feel like yourself again. You know, the you that actually enjoys other human beings? We’ll find her and bring her back. For good.

    Week 10: What is Your Period Telling You?

    All the hormone crazy you’ve ever experienced is actually a message from your body. During this week, I’ll show you how to decode what’s happening so you can give your body what it needs and be in the driver’s seat from now on.

    And you’ll also get…

    A Deep Dive in the Brighten Protocol™
    The Brighten Protocol™ is a proven method to reverse post-birth control syndrome, safely detoxify synthetic and excessive hormones to minimize the side effects while on birth control and rehabilitate health so a woman’s body can perform optimally after a hormonal disruption. Previously only available in my clinics, the Brighten Protocol™ allows a woman’s hormones to perform the way they were always meant to: easily, painlessly, predictably.

    The Symptom-Based Hormonal Diagnostic
    If you’re worried lab work is outside of your budget (or you are currently uninsured) this simple assessment will help you identify which hormones are causing the problems so you don’t have to guess about your next step. You’ll know.

    Done-For-You Recipes and Meal Plans
    To make it easy for food to be your medicine, all you have to do is print and shop. These detox and rebuild recipes will take the confusion out of what to eat to heal your hormones. This will help you stick to a plan that will detox and rebuild your hormonal matrix.

    Hyper-specific Supplement Guidance
    No guessing, no googling. I’ll help you figure out EXACTLY which supplements YOU need to fix your skin, mood, libido, sleep, fertility and everything in between.

    Detailed PBCS Hormone Detox & Rebuild Instructions
    Detoxing and rebuilding for Post-Birth Control Syndrome needs to be done in a specific order and in a specific way to not overtax your already challenged hormonal matrix. I’ll cover why and how in this course.

    Private Community
    If you’ve been feeling alone when it comes to this, that ends the moment you sign up. Our private community is where you can get tips, learn how other women are doing it and get recommendations for practitioners in your area.

    Your symptoms should not be ignored.

    You are the only one who knows what “normal” is for you.

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    Is the Post-Birth Control Rx™ Right for you?

    Are you worried this might be in your future…


    • A hysterectomy
    • Cancer (especially if you have a family history)
    • Thyroidectomy
    • More meds and more side effects


    • A breakup or divorce if you can’t get your moods under control and your libido back
    • Yet another conversation about your “tone” with friends and coworkers
    • Another year on the dating sidelines because of your skin or mood
    • Missing more work, family events or time with friends because your period or hormones hijacked your day


    • More doctor’s appointments where you don’t get your questions answered and you leave feeling crazy or stupid
    • More unproductive days in a fog because you can’t think straight and you don’t know why


    • The fear that time is running out on your ability to have a baby if you can’t figure this out soon
    • The anxiety that your hormones are making it hard to be a good partner, parent and friend to the people you love
    • The anger and frustration that your doctor never told you about the side effects of birth control

    If you can relate to any of these, this course was made for you.

    Just $499!

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    Post Birth Control Syndrome is REAL.
    The cost to your life is HIGH.
    But fixing it can be affordable.
    And it doesn’t have to take forever.

    But wait…maybe this isn’t for you…

    If you’ve never been on birth control but you still want to fix a messed up period

    This course was specifically designed to help women with an excess of synthetic hormones disrupting optimal hormonal function. If you sign up and implement what you learn it will positively impact your hormone function, but I don’t cover topics not related to Post-Birth Control Syndrome. However, you can get more focused support from the practitioners in my clinic.

    If you’ve done bioidenticals, Plan B or fertility hormones too many times and want to detox and reset

    While these hormonal interventions can interrupt normal hormonal functioning, you’ll have questions unique to these situations. This class is designed for women with Post Birth Control Syndrome. While you’ll learn how to detox and reset your hormones please know that you’ll need support from a doctor who can tailor your next steps for your situation. I strongly recommend support from a Brighten Protocol™ practitioner for this.

    If you don’t like learning about your body and how it works

    This course is designed to put your healing in your hands. I provide you with everything you need to understand your body so you know how to correct hormonal imbalances. It will take time. You will need to be consistent. To help you, you’ll have 24 months of course access so you can go at your own pace. If you prefer the diagnose-and-prescribe model of care, this course may not be right for you. But if you want to be the expert in your body...

    Get it all for just $499!

    Yes! This is for me!

    100% Satisfaction

    My Guarantee

    I’m so confident this program can help you improve your health and hormones, I’m offering you a 30 Day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is drop me a note telling me how long your committed to the course and what didn’t work for you at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

    Your Bonuses

    After your first 30 days of the course, you’ll also receive these bonuses worth over $258

    Libido Bonus Bundle (A $67 Value)

    If you’ve tried everything to get your libido back with mixed results, this Libido Bonus Bundle will help you understand what works and how to “get in the mood.” Includes an audio masterclass with me, an overview on condoms and lubes that work WITH your delicate pH balance, and a special discount on women’s toy manufacturer, Dame. Perfect if your relationship could use an intimacy boost that you initiate or if you’ve avoided dating because you never know when or if you’re gonna want it.

    Complete Home Detox with Essential Oils Masterclass with Dr. Mariza Snyder ($47)

    Dr. Snyder is the Queen of Essential Oils and in this masterclass you'll learn how to eliminate harmful chemicals that lead to hormone imbalance without overwhelm. You'll learn the top 5 essential oils to keep on hand and how to improve your mood and hormones naturally.

    Clear Skin Rx Masterclass (A $47 Value)

    If acne was why you got on birth control, or if getting off birth control has upset your skin (and you were never one to break out), you’ll love the Clear Skin Rx. This bonus bundle will help you clear your skin from within (and share tips to keep it clear from the outside.) Includes my Quick Skin Fix Guide.

    1st Year FREE of the PBCRx Reset Community (A $97 Value)

    Ask Qs, swap recipes, ask the “is this normal” Q from women who have been through exactly what you’ve been through (and ask me on live Q & A calls!)

    Total Bonus Value: $258

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have Post Birth Control Syndrome and your hormones weren’t normal when you got on the pill, this course can help correct both your post- and pre- birth control symptoms.

    After 15 years of birth control, I was pregnant in less than a year!

    I had been on birth control for almost 15 years before I started following Dr. Brighten's protocol. My doctor had said I needed it for my PMS and heavy bleeding. I never thought to ask since I was a teenager at the time and was just happy to have easy periods.

    But after I stopped the pill my period never came back. My doctor assured me that it would be fine, but after 6 months of no period her only answer was to go back on the pill. I was heartbroken. My husband and I wanted to have a baby, but the only answers I was getting was to go back on the pill or have infertility treatments.

    Instead, Dr. Brighten took me through a whole protocol to get my body ready for conception. I appreciated that Dr. Brighten took the approach of helping my body get back on track and supporting my overall health, rather than just treating my hormones.

    After 7 months of following the Brighten Protocol™ I was pregnant! My husband and I weren’t even trying at this point. We were thrilled and so grateful for Dr. Brighten’s help.

    To my surprise, my libido is back! We’re more intimate than we have been in years!

    Within a month I was off the medication my doctor had prescribed and had more energy. My mood improved too, which was something my other doctor had been trying to give me an antidepressant for.

    My periods, which had been really irregular and often made me really moody were much easier. I originally did the Brighten Protocol™ just for my heartburn, but I didn’t realize how my hormones and digestion were connected and how I could have better hormones by working on my digestion.

    And to my surprise, my libido was back—something I had given up on. And my husband and I are more intimate then we have been in years!

    My period is now predictable AND easy, plus I get a ton of compliments on my skin!

    After the pill my hormones were wrecked. I never knew when my period was coming and when it did I would have such bad cramps that I would throw up. And my acne was the worst! Thanks to following the Brighten Protocol™, my period is predictable, easy and I get a ton of compliments on my skin. I can't believe how long I struggled with doctors telling me to just stay on the pill. I cannot ever express just how grateful I am for what I’ve learned. Thank you, Dr. Brighten!

    Within a few months I wasn’t crying for weeks on end and my periods are so easy!

    I thought PMS was normal until I discovered the Brighten Protocol™. I had really painful periods and spent about half of the month crying and feeling anxious. I was originally interested in the Brighten Protocol™ to resolve stomach problems and it turned out that all of what I was experiencing was related. I followed the diet plan and within a few months of being treated I was no longer crying for weeks at a time. My stomach got better and my periods are so easy now.

    Dr. Brighten is genuinely interested in helping me!

    Dr. Brighten is the best! She is patient, thorough, attentive and genuinely interested in helping me get better. I had tried everything before I met Dr. Brighten. She helped me get my health back and I am forever grateful to her.


    This revolutionary course is a first-of-its kind
    designed by a doctor to help you recover
    from Post-Birth Control Syndrome.

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