Clear Skin Rx Master Class


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Join Dr. Jolene Brighten to learn the best practices for clear, glowing skin. If acne was why you got on birth control, or if getting off birth control has upset your skin (and you were never one to break out), you’ll love the Clear Skin Rx. This master class will help you clear your skin from within (and share tips to keep it clear from the outside.) Includes my Quick Skin Fix Guide.

4 reviews for Clear Skin Rx Master Class

  1. Rita Anne

    OMG I’ve spent so much money on all kinds of junk that never worked. In fact, everything my doctor gave me made me worse! This course was so amazing and I have seen so much improvement with what dr brighton recommended. Her turmeric supplement has helped a lot. My dermatologist can’t believe i figured this out myself and used supplements that worked for my acne!

  2. Analise

    Dr. Brighten is a life saver! My acne was so bad and nothing was helping. I started her period problem supplements and I’m happy to report that after being committed for several months my skin is the best it has ever looked. I can not recommend this enough. I wish I had found this so much sooner. My skin, hair and my energy is much better and I can’t remember when I felt so good.

  3. Cameron

    I bought this course for my teenage daughter. She actually listened and it saved us a ton of money in doctors visits. I didn’t want her to use anything that would cause more damage. I invested in the period supplement kit and not only did her skin get better, but she is way less cranky before her period. And her periods aren’t lasting for 9-10 days. They are now 5-6 days and her energy is up. I am so grateful for Dr. Brighton’s expertise. She’s brilliant! If you have acne then you need this class!

  4. Kaylea

    This has helped my skin so much. The quick fixes that were provided have helped my skin calm down and I’m breaking out much less. I used to have terrible acne the week before my period and now it is mild after implementing everything I learned in this master class. I am so grateful for this resource and am so happy to have found this!

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