Working with Mallory Leone, NC

Nutrition is the foundation of health. Addressing diet, nutrition, and lifestyle is essential to your healing journey.

Knowing this and seeing what an impact individualized nutrition has on her patients, Dr. Brighten decided to bring a holistic nutritionist into her practice to help with coaching and accountability.

Mallory Leone, NC is a nutrition consultant with certifications in holistic nutrition and sports and exercise. She is also trained in motivational interviewing and coaching techniques that change depending on her client’s individual needs. Mallory has been studying under Dr. Jolene Brighten since 2014 in Dr. Brighten’s unique approach to medicine, nutrition, and healing and works closely with Dr. Brighten on every case.

How to work with Mallory

Schedule with Dr. Brighten

One way to work with Mallory is by scheduling with Dr. Brighten. Just by establishing care with one of the doctors, you’ll get two complimentary Nutrition Consults with Mallory to help with the implementation of therapeutic diets or to help set and establish healthy goals around food and lifestyle.

Many of our patients find these sessions so helpful, they’ll continue to work with Mallory after their two complimentary sessions.

Establish Care with Mallory*

Want to schedule with Mallory directly? Here’s how it works:

Schedule a 10-min. call with Mallory. You can share your main health goals and Mallory will explain a little about her approach to healing with nutrition.

10 Minute Complimentary Call

The Initial Consult. After your complimentary 10-minute call, you can schedule your initial consult. You will leave this meeting with a nutrition and lifestyle plan based on a thorough health history intake and interview. Mallory will also include a meal plan, recipes, and other resources that will help you begin to make lasting changes.

Follow-ups. After your initial consult, you’ll meet every week, or up to every 4-6 weeks for follow-ups. These will be scheduled according to each person’s unique needs and goals.

Lab Testing. Mallory will not be ordering any labs, but can look over any past labs you would like to share. She can also make suggestions and offer guidance about what labs to ask your doctor for. Mallory is not a doctor or a  licensed practitioner and uses labs to gain more insight to your health and never to diagnose or treat.

Supplements. Mallory’s nutritional philosophy is rooted in real, whole foods and recommendations will always begin there. You will be working together to strategize ways to work healthy food and lifestyle changes into your existing routine and supplements are used minimally. If you’re already seeing Dr. Brighten, your supplement regimen will be managed by the doctors and Mallory will make any suggestions directly to them.

*All consults with Mallory are over the phone or via webcam.

**Food and supplements are not included in the cost of a consult.

Here are just a couple things patients are saying about their work with Mallory:

“Food used to be a constant cause of stress – the measuring, the calorie-counting, the suppression of a second helping – and the physical ailments were no better. The constant brain fog, daily headaches, and 24/7 bloat are gone, and just two months ago, I had resigned myself to thinking these symptoms were just ‘my normal.'Following Mallory's guidelines has made me understand that a balanced, whole foods-based diet will always alleviate the stress and discomfort I previously associated with food. Even my kids love the recipes!” – Melana D.

“Before working with Mallory, my IBS ruled my life. I lived in constant fear that I would have a flare, and it caused a great deal of stress and distress in my life. The most frustrating part was that I didn’t even know what was causing them. Mallory helped me to figure out how to manage my IBS, and it has changed my life. I feel like I have control over my own body and I don’t have to live in fear anymore.” – Lindsey B.

Schedule with Mallory