Dr. Brighten's Post-Birth Control Syndrome Detox Diet

The Quick Start Detox:
How to Heal Post-Birth Control Syndrome

Balance hormones, improve your energy, and eliminate symptoms of PBCS.

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It comes with fun nicknames – The Pill, The Patch, The Ring – but hormonal contraception also comes with nasty side effects. And those effects can start when you’re on it or when you STOP taking it.

Sound familiar? You, lady, are likely experiencing Post-Birth Control Syndrome.

But now you can help your body eliminate the synthetic hormones – and heal your symptoms!

In this guide Dr. Brighten shares with you what she’s found to be the quickest way to feel better fast when the hormonal chaos hits.

You'll Learn…

The key foods that support detoxification (and the science behind why your liver needs a little help getting rid of that extra estrogen)

Detox Diet Guidelines, outlining what to eat and what not to eat to beat PBCS

And much more!

A meal plan for detoxing, including menus and healthy food options for even the busiest days

How to support detox if you’re ON the pill, the patch, the ring, or any other form of hormonal birth control

The Quick Start Detox is your first step to balancing your hormones, recovering your body, and eliminating symptoms of PBCS.

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About Dr. Brighten

Dr. Jolene Brighten is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Medical Doctor and the founder of Rubus Health, a women’s medicine clinic that specializes in women's hormones. She is recognized as a leading expert in Post-Birth Control Syndrome and the long-term side effects associated with hormonal contraceptives. Dr. Brighten is the best selling author, speaker and regular contributor to several online publications including MindBodyGreen. She is a medical advisor for one of the first data-driven apps to offer women personalized birth control recommendations.

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