Thyroid Support Kit


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Thyroid Support Kit by Dr. Brighten

Who Should Use the Thyroid Support Kit?

Thyroid Support was formulated to supply the nutrients needed to make thyroid hormone and support its conversion to the active form (T3). Adrenal Support was created to optimize stress hormone production and energy, while balancing cortisol. Omega Plus contains 1,000 mg EPA per serving, which supports cellular health, inflammation, and immune system balance.

Autoimmune disease is the number one cause of thyroid disease and affects mostly women. In fact, women are 5 to 8 times more likely to develop thyroid disease. In addition, women who have just had a baby, are transitioning into menopause, are on hormonal birth control, or are living in a stressful environment can be more susceptible.

The most common treatment of hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto's is synthetic T4. Synthetic T4 is the inactive hormone and requires nutrients like selenium and zinc to convert it to active thyroid hormones, T3. T3 is involved in energy production, mood, regulating the menstrual cycle, fertility, growing hair, and healthy digestion.

What is Included in the Thyroid Support Kit?

The Thyroid Support Kit includes a month supply of Thyroid Support, Adrenal Support and Omega Plus. This a comprehensive protocol that has been used by thousands of women to support an optimal thyroid function and hormone health.

Thyroid Support by Dr. Brighten

Thyroid Support was designed to be a top-quality, all-in-one formula for the nutritional support of thyroid function. The non-stimulating adaptogenic botanical American ginseng (Panax quinquifolius) helps maintain healthy cortisol, blood glucose and insulin levels, along with a balanced conversion of peripheral thyroid hormone. Essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients work synergistically to provide a premium thyroid product in just two capsules a day.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

Adrenal Support by Dr. Brighten

Adrenal Support is a combination of standardized adaptogenic herbs and nutrients which are known to contribute to rejuvenating the adrenals. This product is designed to help support healthy cortisol levels, hypothalamic and pituitary function (HPTA axis), and catecholamine production (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine).

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

* Adrenal Support does not contain glandulars.

Omega Plus by Dr. Brighten

Omega Plus provides a potent 1500 mg of EPA/DHA per serving (two softgels), and also includes lipase, a digestive aid to ensure maximum absorption. Lipase also helps to prevent any fishy aftertaste, known as ‘repeat', that sometimes occurs with fish oil supplements.

Our fish oils are molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity and to maximize the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, PCBs, and other contaminants.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

How to Use:

Thyroid Support by Dr. Brighten 

Typical Dose: 2 caps once daily

Adrenal Support by Dr. Brighten

Typical Dose: 2 caps once daily

Omega Plus by Dr. Brighten 

Typical Dose: 2 caps once daily

Typical Schedule:


Adrenal Support: 2 caps


Thyroid Support: 2 caps


Omega Plus: 3 caps

No Junk Policy

Here’s the deal. I’m not about to recommend any supplement that I wouldn’t use myself, give to my family or recommend to my patients. We use the highest quality ingredients that are as hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly as possible. Our products are manufactured in the U.S., gluten free, and dye-free. Or in other words, I’m not recommending anything that can hate on your hormones.

So you won’t find needless fillers, GMO, or junk nutrients in our products.

You know I don’t mess around.

So whatcha waiting for? For less than a cup of coffee a day you can, you can reclaim your energy and ditch the need for that afternoon caffeine fix!

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