Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth: The New Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester


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You’ve been preparing for this moment over the last 9 months. You’ve meticulously poured over decisions to make your baby’s transition into this world just right. But how much thought and planning have gone into your transition into motherhood? In this comprehensive and warmhearted guide, Dr. Jolene Brighten, a Naturopathic Physician and mother, shares her tips, natural techniques, and over 30 herbal and nutritional recipes to support healing and the transition into motherhood. Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth provides answers and solutions to common postpartum conditions, including: – Breastfeeding support and natural solutions to enhance milk supply – Herbal preparations to heal vaginal tissues, cracked nipples and more – Natural approaches to elevating mood and easing anxiety – Autoimmune thyroid, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, digestive support and many other conditions that can arise from childbirth

“Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth: The New Mom's Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester is the definitive guide on recovering your health after pregnancy! If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, please get this book ASAP– it may just save your life and your future children's lives!” (Izabella Wentz, PharmD, author of Hashimoto's: The Root Cause)

“Dr. Jolene Brighten has written the most comprehensive and important book for mother's to read after childbirth. Childbirth can be a trigger for many health problems and this book is a critical read for all mothers after the birth of their child.” (Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, FACN, CNS, author of Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal? and Why Isn't My Brain Working?)

“As a registered dietitian specializing in postpartum health, this is the book I recommend to all of my clients.” (Stephanie Greunke, RD, Mother and Creator of Healthy Mama, Happy Baby)

“Dr. Brighten gives fantastic advice for taking care of your thyroid and getting your hormones back in balance, something most doctors don't pay much attention to. Every expectant mother needs this book!” (Carrie Vitt, Mother, author of Deliciously Organic)

“Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth is the definitive postpartum guide. Had I had this book after my baby was born, I could have addressed so many symptoms effectively and naturally and likely would have caught my Hashimoto's thyroiditis diagnosis much sooner.” (Jen Wittman, Mother and author of Thyroid Loving Care)

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