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Post-Pill Amenorrhea: How to Get Your Period Back
Laura Schoenfeld

Managing Fertility Naturally
Katie Wells

Understanding the basics of skin care and how to choose the best products for your skin type
Rachel Pachivas

You'll also get…

  • Access to the most up-to-date (not even in medical textbooks yet) information about the true impact of birth control. (It’s not as safe as we’ve been led to believe.)
  • 45+ Classes from leading health and medical professionals focused on healing your mood, skin, periods, hormones, and more.
  • The PBCS Awareness Program Guide with speaker tracks outlined to ensure you don't miss the information you need.

Connect with a powerful community of women learning how to use food, lifestyle, supplements and other medicine to effectively treat, resolve and reverse the effects of birth control on your hormones, skin, mood, libido, period and fertility.

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It’s NOT OK that…

...The only solution you’re given to any “lady problem” you share with your doctor is hormonal birth control.

...You leave your doctor’s office with a new birth control prescription when your old prescription caused so many problems.

… Your post-birth control symptoms are dismissed, you are told that what you’re experiencing is not real, or that your symptoms are just all in your head.

...You are prescribed something to “fix” your period only to have those problems return as soon as you get off the prescription.

...You can no longer digest your food, get aroused when you want or have children when you want as a result of being on the pill.

...As physicians we aren’t more well-versed on well-researched alternatives for our patients; that we’re led to believe birth control is the best or only option for them.

Your symptoms are NOT in your head. Post-birth control syndrome is real.

Our bodies are designed to heal on their own. These FREE online classes will show you how.
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You’re here because you know there is more to birth control than what we’ve been told and you’ve likely experienced the unwanted symptoms that come with calling it quits or know someone who has.

What is Post-Birth Control Syndrome Awareness Week?

Post-Birth Control Syndrome Awareness Week is your time to learn more about this underserved condition and share information about it with your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.

Post-Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS) is the collection of symptoms women experience upon getting off hormonal birth control. These symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Libido loss
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic yeast infections and UTIs
  • Cystic acne, outbreaks, and rashes
  • Irregular or nonexistent periods
  • Infertility, difficulty conceiving
  • Painful, heavy and downright awful periods

What Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Tell You. It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way...

  • Almost 60% of women are prescribed birth control for non-contraceptive reasons.
  • Your uterus and hormones are discussed at pharmaceutical conferences as an “$11B industry and growing” with little regard for your holistic well-being or the reported side-effects of hormonal birth control.
  • According to a 2013 CDC report, the #1 reason women give for being dissatisfied with their hormonal contraception is “side effects”.

PBCS is 100% reversible with the right diet, lifestyle and supplement therapy

At this point you may wonder, “why haven’t I heard this from my doctor?”

It’s not your doctor’s fault. This research is so new, it’s not in medical textbooks yet. But that’s no reason you should be left in the dark. During Awareness Week classes you’ll learn the protocols and techniques practitioners and physicians have seen work in real-time with their patients to reverse PBCS.

What is The Goal of Awareness Week?

To help you make informed decisions about birth control — whether you want to get on, get off or reverse/prevent side effects. Awareness Week classes were designed to…
  • Expose the truth about the harmful side effects of birth control and create an awareness of Post-Birth Control Syndrome
  • Introduce you to practitioners who can help you conceive, lose weight, get your mood and energy back, feel like having sex again, and get rid of chronic acne
  • Connect you with a community of women, physicians and practitioners who believe we have the right to know the impact of birth control so we can make informed choices.

What you’ll learn during Awareness Week

Video classes will be available to watch during the week with both audio and video available to purchase. The cutting edge research you’ll have access to through these classes includes:

  • The best supplements for managing PBCS (post-birth control syndrome), PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, and more
  • Uncovering the hidden hormonal sabotage that exists in every woman’s environment that keeps her from healing her hormones for good (and what to do to get your hormones back on track)
  • Leading edge tools for fertility and conception whether you’ve struggled since you’ve been off birth control (or you want to ensure you can get pregnant when you’re ready)
  • Contraception alternatives that are low-cost and all-natural
  • How to preserve and boost fertility, whether you’re on hormonal birth control or not
  • How to heal your symptoms based on the root cause so you never have to depend on birth control again

What you’ll receive when you register

  • The most up-to-date (not even in medical textbooks yet) information about the true impact of birth control. (It’s not as safe as we’ve been led to believe.)
  • 45+ Classes from leading health and medical professionals focused on healing your mood, skin, periods, hormones, and more.
  • The PBCS Awareness Program Guide with speaker tracks outlined to ensure you don't miss the information you need

How To Register and Attend:

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  • Select your study tracks using the PBCS Awareness event program guide
  • Mark your calendar to attend for FREE 
  • Tell your girlfriends and your patients

Meet the Creator of PBCS Awareness Week:

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Like so many women, I struggled with my period, too.

Shortly after I got my period, I started keeping extra clothes in my school backpack because my bleeding was so heavy, pads and tampons just weren’t enough. Eventually my doctor decided birth control was the best option for me. But then the mood issues started -- I snapped at people, cried for no reason. I also suffered from deep depression and gastrointestinal issues. The worst part was losing my libido on the pill in my 20s.

My doctor didn’t listen.

When I told my doctor I suspected it was the pill, he told me he doubted it but was willing to “experiment” and give me a different pill. Within 48 hours of switching, I felt normal again; this was my first clue that maybe these hormonal drugs might be more harmful than we knew. During my 10 years on the pill, each of my doctors shrugged off my challenges and told me it was all in my head.

It took months to get my period back.

Thank god I had a a degree in nutritional biochemistry and was pursuing my medical degree when I got off the pill and lost my period for several months. “It’s fine. Women don’t need to have a period,” my doctor said, but this didn’t seem right to me. I implemented everything I learned in class and eventually, my period came AND I got rid of the crippling monthly period pain and the new cystic acne that came on post-pill.

I developed the Brighten Protocol® to help women like us recover.

I started researching the impact of birth control when a girlfriend whose period didn’t come back after the pill wanted a baby. Through my research I discovered almost ALL WOMEN are impacted by the pill in some way, and have worse side effects when they get off. I developed the Brighten Protocol® to help my friend and she (along with thousands of other women) took back their periods and their body post-birth control and my girlfriend finally conceived.

Dr. Jolene Brighten is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Physician and the founder of Rubus Health, a women’s medicine clinic that specializes in women's hormones. She is recognized as a leading expert in Post-Birth Control Syndrome and the long-term side effects associated with hormonal contraceptives. Dr. Brighten is the best selling author, speaker and regular contributor to several online publications including MindBodyGreen. She is a medical advisor for one of the first data-driven apps to offer women personalized birth control recommendations.

Dr. Brighten’s academic work focused on advanced study of the metabolic and nutrient pathways that regulate hormonal function. This makes her uniquely qualified to fine-tune the complex biochemical pathways harmed by birth control. As a Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Physician her clinical focus is on autoimmune disease and hormonal health.

Meet the Industry Leaders Protecting Your Period

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Dr. Jolene Brighten

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Mold, Lyme, EBV & Your Hormones

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The Impact of Sugar on PBCS Weight Loss

Dr. Katherine Zagone

Baby Making After Birth Control

Katie Wells

Managing Fertility Naturally

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Birth Control & Your Mental Health

Kiran Krishnan

Birth Control’s Major Impact on the Microbiome

Lara Adler

Hormonal Havoc: How Household Toxins Can Wreck Your Health

Dr. Lara Briden

A Pill Bleed is Not a Real Period & Why That Matters

Laura Schoenfeld

Post-Pill Amenorrhea: How to Get Your Period Back

Laurie King

Strength Training, Weight Loss and the Issues with Birth Control

Magdalena Wszelaki

Using Food to Balance Hormones Naturally

Mallory Leone

Rituals, Spells and Harnessing the Energy of The Moon for Your Menstrual Cycle

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils

Dr. Maya Shetreat

Impact of Hormonal Birth Control on Neurological Health

Melissa Ramos

Natural Solutions for Cysts, Fibroids, and Endometriosis

Natalie Kringoudis

Talking to Your Daughter About Birth Control, Ovulation & Periods

Nicole Harlow

How Your Makeup Bag Is Messing with Your Hormones

Nicole Jardim

4 Seasons of Your Cycle & How to Honor Each Season

Dr. Pamela Langenderfer

Natural Therapies to Manage Perimenopause Solutions & Why You Should Avoid the Pill

Rachael Pontillo

Natural Solutions to Create Amazing Skin

Rachel Pachivas

Understanding the basics of skin care and how to choose the best products for your skin type

Razi Berry

Physiology of female intuition How modern medicine has weakened your women’s intuition and how to reclaim it

Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

Histamine, Hormones & Brain health

Dr. Shawn Tassone

Alternatives to Birth Control for Peri & Postmenopausal Women

Steph Gaudreau

How to Use The 4 pillars of Health to Get Off The Pill and Manage My Pain with Endometriosis

Dr. Stephanie Estima

Keto & Post-Birth Control Syndrome

Stephanie Greunke

Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy Post-Birth Control

Summer Bock

The Root Cause of Yeast Infections

Theresa Depasquale

5 Metabolic Myths that Keep Your From Losing Weight

Dr. Trevor Cates

Natural Skin Therapies That Are Better Than Birth Control

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Never Fear Breast Cancer Again by Following These 7 Simple Steps

Dr. Vincent Pedre

Your Gut as the Foundation to Hormone Health

Wendy Myers

Heavy Metals & Your Fertility

An Important Message From Your Host

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Without you this would not be possible! Yes you!

You’re exactly what this world needs—a woman who is dedicated to empowering herself and others to make the best decision she can about her body.

Thank you so very much for supporting this event, raising awareness, and being a catalyst for change in women’s medicine.

Healing your hormones is possible without medication and during this event, we’re going to teach you how. You’re going to hear from some of the most brilliant minds in medicine and get the practical tools and knowledge you need to thrive!

You’ll get access to cutting edge protocols, nutrition, lifestyle and supplement information from clinicians who have helped women just like you increase their energy, eliminate PMS, drop that weight that wouldn’t budge, regrow the hair on their head and lose it on the parts they don’t want, eliminate anxiety and create a sense of calm, create glowing skin, boost their fertility, and undo the damage of birth control.

I can not wait to read your comments and have you share your big “ah-ha” moments during this event.

If you haven’t added this event to your calendar, definitely do that now! During the event we’ll be supporting one another, plus you’ll have a change to win over $2,000 in prizes! Be sure to tune into our daily emails to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Truly, I want to thank you for your commitment to being an inspiration to all those around you. I am so grateful for your support...not just of me, but for women everywhere!

You’re a total rockstar! And if you don’t know, now you know!


Sponsors of the Post-Birth Control Syndrome Awareness Week

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Health Statistics, Contraceptive Methods Women Have Ever Used: United States, 1982 – 2010, February 2013

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