Grocery Store Tips: Shopping for Produce

Ideally, the produce section of the grocery store will occupy the majority of space in your cart. When you make your way to the check out line, double check that your cart is filled with a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Choose produce grown locally and in season. This ensures the highest nutritional value, peak flavor and the best price.
  • Look for the organic label. Produce under this label is higher in quality and will lower your exposure to pesticides.
  • Aim for a variety of color in your shopping cart to get the greatest variety of nutrients.
  • Washed, cut raw vegetables are a handy, low-calorie snack and a healthful addition to any meal. Try carrots, celery, sugar peas, bell peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and other delicious veggies.
  • Ready to use spinach, cabbage and mixed greens can shorten meal preparation time. Sometimes these can be more expensive. Check the prices and weigh your options.
  • Don't buy more than you will use. If you are only planning to use ½ cup of a vegetable, it may be more economical to get it from a salad bar than buy the whole vegetable.
  • When the season is right, head outdoors to your local farmer's market to explore the different fruits and vegetables available in your area.

Local, organically grown, seasonal produce offer the more nutrients at a better price.

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