Physiology of female intuition How modern medicine has weakened your women’s intuition and how to reclaim it

with Razi Berry

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What You'll Learn
  • The physiology of intuition
  • How PDM affects neural processes of memory, Interoception and intuition
  • How synthetic hormones affect chemosignaling, and magnetoception, both critical aspects of intuition

About Your Speaker: Razi Berry

Razi Berry is the founder of the award winning journal Naturopathic Doctor News & Review, publisher of The International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine and founder of the premiere website of naturopathic living,

She is the recipient of the Champion of Naturopathic Medicine from the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and honored by Mindshare Collaborative with the Impact Award for Best Digital Media

Razi's is a a producer of various online summits and courses and a Continuing Education program for naturopathic doctors.

Razi is currently writing a book on the science of intuition and you can read her blog , Love is Medicine at and at Instagram @razi.berry


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