Rituals, Spells and Harnessing the Energy of The Moon for Your Menstrual Cycle

with Mallory Leone

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What You'll Learn
  • Power of the moon and connection to your period
  • Moon phases - what they mean and what to do with them
  • Daily rituals to connect to your feminine energy

About Your Speaker: Mallory Leone

Mallory Leone is the Founder and Head Witch behind Manifest Box, an online resource for handmade, curated ritual kits that take the guesswork out of your spellwork. Before crafting ritual boxes, Mallory was a holistic nutritionist and nutrition science writer. Now Mallory makes magic boxes full-time when she’s not studying plant magic, Reiki, energy healing, yoga, tarot, aromatherapy, and crystal healing. She also offers 1:1 magic consulting and custom spellwork in Los Angeles and remotely.

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