Post-Pill Amenorrhea: How to Get Your Period Back

with Laura Schoenfeld

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What You'll Learn
  • Why losing your period is a common symptom of PBCS
  • Tips for athletes who have lost their period
  • How your carbohydrate intake may be the cause of your missing period

About Your Speaker: Laura Schoenfeld

Laura Schoenfeld is a Registered Dietitian trained in Functional Medical nutrition therapy. Her passion? Helping overstressed, overtrained, and undernourished women get back to better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Laura guides her clients in identifying and implementing diet and lifestyle changes that allow them to live a healthy, fit, symptom-free life without being consumed by thoughts of food and exercise. She draws from a variety of sources to form her philosophy on nutrition, including ancestral diets, principles of biochemistry, current research, and clinical experience.

When she's not working, Laura loves traveling with her husband, Sundays at her church, hikes with her dog, beach trips, live music, and heavy weight training.

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Get Your Period Back Without Birth Control

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