5 Metabolic Myths that Keep Your From Losing Weight

with Theresa Depasquale

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What You'll Learn
  • Busting macro myths
  • How much is too much exercise
  • What is the most important benefit of being physically active

About Your Speaker: Theresa Depasquale

CEO and founder of Bikini Boss Fitness, Theresa Depasquale is an entrepreneurial fitness expert, author of “Boss to Bikini”, wife, and mother of 2 (ages 7 and 10 ). She has made her mark internationally in the fitness industry with her revolutionizing online training and content delivery programs.

Theresa is one of social medias most popular fitness Phenom’s, inspiring and helping people around the world to improve their health and fitness.

With almost 500,000 followers online, her presence continues to grow rapidly because of her straight-up, in your face approach to health and fitness.


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