Naturopathic Doctor

Apply Now Rubus Health is looking for the right Naturopathic Doctor to train and work alongside Dr. Brighten, and our integrative team in Oakland, California as an employee. This position is ideal for a practitioner interested in learning Dr. Brighten’s methods and processes; receive practical instruction and training; and join a rapidly growing practice with a thought leader in the Functional Medicine space.

This is a combination mentorship and employment opportunity that is best suited for a highly motivated and coachable individual. We offer a supportive and collaborative environment.

Currently we have an overflow of patients and are in need of a practitioner to provide care in meeting our clinic’s expanding demand. This position would begin as a clinical mentorship and develop into a full time clinical position. As such, we welcome applications from new grads who are at the top of their clinical game with a strong desire to grow their clinical skills and knowledge.  

We work as a team in co-managing patients to ensure our patients are receiving comprehensive care. Our clinic provides specialized care in women’s health, including endocrine and autoimmune disease management. We are not a primary care facility, nor do we practice as primary care doctors.

Our patient management technology is 100% cloud based, with custom applications built specifically for the needs of our practice. As a tech heavy company, we provide our clinicians with support in adopting multiple technologies to streamline their workflow.

We offer marketing and online exposure to Dr. Brighten’s audience. We have a fully supportive clinical and administrative staff that assist in scheduling, payment collection, patient request management, as well as lab and supplement processing. This allows our clinicians to focus on providing the highest clinical care and ensures the best patient outcomes. The practice is fully furnished in a collaborative coworking space, which provides onsite reception and an opportunity to connect with licensed providers from varying backgrounds.

We offer a competitive salary with potential for growth.

Here’s What It Looks Like to Be a Full Time Clinician at Rubus Health

  • You’ll be part of a collaborative team that is redefining health care and providing excellent patient outcomes and experience. Each doctor works with a nutritionist in co-managing care and protocol compliance.
  • You’ll be forming meaningful connections with patients to help provide them with individualized care.
  • You will see patients in person at Rubus Health in Oakland and via telemedicine using technology provided by the clinic.
  • You will assist in answering patient questions, requests and in resolution of patient concerns.
  • You will research and dig deep to help your patients resolve their root cause.
  • You will oversee medical staff, including nutritionists, to assign appropriate tasks to supportive clinical team members.
  • You’ll nurture patient relationships to support a timely follow up.
  • Following all policies, procedures, and protocols of our organization.
  • Provide coaching and/or mentoring to supportive clinical team members.
  • Participate in the development of programs and program material.
  • Complete electronic charts, lab reviews/orders, and other documentation in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Represent Rubus Health locally and globally. Can you grow your own brand too? Yes! We are looking for people who are growing their personal brands and add value to our practice. With that said, if you work for Rubus then you are expected to grow the Rubus brand just as much as your own, and be dedicated to the success of our company.

The Right Person for This Opportunity:

  • You are familiar with Dr. Brighten’s work: follow her blog, listen to her interviews, and are enthusiastic about her approach.
  • You have a desire to grow as a practitioner in the area of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine and expand on your clinical foundation.
  • You are coachable.
  • You love reading research and digging deeper into the “whys” of your patient’s symptoms.
  • You are willing and able to shadow Dr. Brighten in the clinic, learn her approaches, and demonstrate you are capable of accepting a full-time doctor position.
  • You are interested in speaking, writing and other marketing opportunities to support the growth of Rubus Health.
  • You are excited about participating in and creating patient education tools within the practice.
  • You are interested in assuming a leadership role in group classes.

Who is this job not for:

  • Your true passion is primary care.
  • You’re not interested in learning to utilize the latest health technologies—including labs, data tracking and medical apps.
  • You like being a “one-person show” and don’t enjoy collaboration and co-management of patients with allied providers.
  • You are interested in part time work or a “side position” while you pursue other passions. This is not a stepping stone position.
  • You are not willing to accept guidance or coaching regarding the care you provide.
  • You are only looking for a short term position. We are looking for someone to grow with us.

Basic Requirements:

  • Licensed ND or willing to obtain a license in the state of CA. New grads must be completing clinical board summer of 2017.
  • Active California DEA Number
  • Lives in the SF Bay Area or be willing to commute/relocate.
  • Familiarity with functional lab testing (stool, saliva, urine, breath, blood, etc.).
  • Willing to spend time during the training period on research, developing patient handouts, responding to patient questions, reviewing care with patient, taking patient notes, and all other tasks that contribute to your education in functional medicine and practice management while supporting Dr. Brighten in her role as Clinic Director.
  • Available 15-20 hours per week during the evaluation and training phase. Position increases to full time once you have passed the initial phase.
  • Desire to work in a tech heavy, high growth, fast paced, brand-forward environment.

If this sounds like the kind of job you could see yourself doing for a very long time then please let us get to know you.