Customer Service Representative is seeking a stellar customer service professional to help take our customer experience to the next level. We’re committed to delivering a 5-star experience and need someone who can deliver with excellence.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and deliver scripted responses to common customer questions
  • Answer telephone calls and emails and provide accurate information to current and prospective customers
  • Resolve customer issues by coordinating with other staff members or external partners
  • Keep customers updated on currently available promotions and discounts being offered
  • Handle refund requests or returns
  • Keep track of sales performance and update management on changes in sales / returns
  • Manage inventory, including expiring products, and reorder items when necessary
  • Assist in getting customer feedback on level of services delivered in order to improve on service delivery
  • Get hands-on with adding / updating product descriptions, building basic landing pages, and more.
  • Assist in long-term planning of support needs, including planning launches of new products or support channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger).


  • You’re honesty & have integrity. You recognize that trust is paramount to success, both internally and externally. You don’t compromise on ethics.
  • You take responsibility for your actions, and you own and learn from your mistakes.
  • You follow through on your commitments. You do what you say, and you don’t make excuses.
  • You’re proactive. You don’t need to wait for instruction, you identify what needs to be done and you handle it.
  • You have superb attention to detail and organization skills.
  • You’re open to criticism and are coachable.
  • You don’t take conflict personally. You empathize with patients and offer solutions.
  • You’re tech savvy. You know your way around WordPress, WooCommerce, Google Apps, and more including our support ticket system and marketing CRM.
  • You’re comfortable setting up new products, writing product descriptions, or setting up the occasional landing page.