Hi, I’m Mallory, a Nutrition Consultant and Dr Brighten’s on-staff nutritionist here at Oakland Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Brighten and I have been friends and colleagues since 2013 when I began shadowing her in her Oakland-based clinic. Today, I work with Dr. Brighten’s patients as a coach and nutrition expert to help them navigate their healing.

I have been trained extensively in Dr. Brighten’s unique protocols that incorporate personalized nutrition with naturopathic and functional medicine.

My own education is rooted in biochemistry with a strong foundation in holistic nutrition. I’ve completed post-baccalaureate work in biochemistry and hold a Certification in Holistic Nutrition from Bauman College, a state licensed and nationally recognized health education facility located in Berkeley, Calif. Continuing education includes:

  • Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
  • Food As Medicine Symposium, NCNM
  • Autism, ADHD, and Developmental Disorders Conference, NCNM

My Philosophy

My nutrition philosophy is based on the idea of ancestral (what people used to eat before pre-packaged, mass-produced, sugar-laden foods), whole foods nutrition. I believe in feeding our bodies at a cellular level, supporting every system of the body as they work together to keep us healthy and strong throughout our lives.

I believe in individualized nutrition. This means that I help you discover your ideal diet based on the latest scientific evidence, traditions that work, and the strong belief that food should never stress you out or make you unhappy. It’s like getting customized coaching and guidance, with a little hard work from you. {wink}

A Little About Me

After college and a year eating way too many pizzas in Italy, I actually thought I might become a baker or a chef. I was working full-time in an artisanal bakery in south Texas when I started suffering from bleeding ulcers and a terrible rash all over my face. This wasn’t the first time I’d experienced painful symptoms, but it was one of the worst. I didn’t have health insurance at the time, so there was no affordable way to get tested for what I now know to be a pretty severe gluten/wheat intolerance.

My food intolerances could never hinder my love and fascination with beautiful, beautiful food. Dietary restrictions have opened up a world where I’m motivated to look for new, exciting foods that I can eat. The bounty that nature offers blows my mind every day.

I hope to bring that sense of wonder to Dr. Brighten’s patients. As we navigate a world where you may need to eliminate some foods or alter your perception of what nourishes your body, I will be there to make it as painless and delicious as possible.

Fun Fact: I was a journalist for many years before I was a nutritionist, covering everything from science to lifestyle to education.